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Veritaserum RPG
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The Story

It's been only three months since Harry's fateful encounter with the Dark Lord deep inside the Ministry of Magic, the death of Sirius Black, and the Ministry's solemn announcement that the Second War has begun. Now school is starting again, and our beloved trio are entering their 6th Year, where it is quickly discovered that nothing is the same...

With practice lockdown drills and restrictions on boundaries, the War is evidently real, even in Hogwarts. Now trustworthy Daily Prophet articles are the main source of outside information on the fighting. A New Defense Teacher mysteriously vanishes, Hogsmeade is attacked, and Christmas chaos disrupts the lives of already frightened and war-weary students. But where there is disorder, there are attempts to restore that order and keep the students at ease. Quidditch shall resume, as well as N.E.W.T. courses; attempts will be made to promote inter-house unity (even in assignments), and a Spring Ball takes place, bringing a few surprises of its own. Following suit with Harry, everything leads up to the eventual turn of events at the end of the year. Will the students be able to deal with the pressure? What kinds of secrets lie in their own families?

Welcome to Veritaserum: A Sixth Year RPG, following the lives of Harry Potter and crew, as well as minor characters. The game has a general plot for the whole year, but also focuses heavily on the happenings of the players. Players are informed of turns of events shortly before they occur, and the game shall be set in real time after the first two weeks of play. Interested? Take caution- "All's fair in love and war."

The Rules


1) Every player must have a separate journal account for their character and an aim account for RPing. It is preferable that the aim account be somewhat related to the character, simply for the sake of keeping everyone straight, but it is not absolutely necessary.

2) In order for this RPG to remain active, and you to stay in the game, you must post to your character's journal and RP with at least one other character once every seven days. This will be checked. Characters are also expected to remain active via comments, Owls, and the like.

After seven days of inactivity, your character will be placed on suspension for three days, with an explanation of their absence within the game. If the player contacts a mod within that time period, the character will be placed back in the game. If not, the player will be removed from the game and the character replaced. Allowances to this rule may be made based on character activity and reputation at mod's discretion.

Major characters (Harry, Draco, Hermione, etc.) are at a greater risk of being replaced should a player suddenly disappear. They are also expected to remain very active in the game.

3) Should you know you are going to be away for an extended period of time, (say, vacation, or studying for finals) contact a mod and let them know. That way, your character can remain in the game and, if necessary for storylines to progress, a mod can briefly play your character.

4) Each player needs to have an avatar/icon representative of his or her character. Major canon characters should stick to the actors that portray them in the movies, (Rupert Grint, Emma Watts, Alan Rickman, etc.) unless otherwise cleared by a mod when applying.

5) All journal entries are assumed to be public, unless hexed in a mock html tag ([Hexed against professors] Umbridge is a horrible toad! [/hex]) or put behind a LJ cut.


6) RP logs and character stuff are to be placed in the main community, and player/mod stuff is to be posted in the OOC community. Along the same lines, please keep OOC comments in brackets, and IC and OOC stuff

7) All logs need to be edited before posting. This means removing any OOC stuff from the logs, screennames, player comments, etc. separate.
Unless the general consensus states otherwise, please keep everything rated R at most. Each log needs to have a rating (G-R) and state any warnings about the log material, simply for courtesy's sake.

8) This is a relatively mature game. Don't make us hold your hand. For this reason, all players must be at least 16.


9) Self-insertation is bad. It's one thing to have your character interested in something you are, but it's another to make them an Evanescence fangirl. If it becomes a problem, mods will step in.

10) Mary Sues are also bad. Period.

11) Slash is fine, but please keep it at a realistic level. Only a very small portion of the student body can be gay/bisexual, and to keep the game from being one big slashy orgy, Mods may step in to intervene if need be.

Also, there is NO CANON SLASH. No Hermione/Ginny, Harry/Ron, Draco/Harry, or any other abuse of canon relationships. If a character is defined as hetero within the book, they must be played that way.

12) Original characters need to be discussed with a mod before applying. They will be kept to a stricter character scale, of course, to avoid Sue-ism. The same goes for characters that are nothing more than a name canon-wise.


Have fun. Any and all questions can be directed towards the Mods:

Meli (Moderator Extraordinaire) purelypansy@ aol.com, im@ PurelyPansy, pansyperfect
Sam (Evil Nazi Co-mod) SHAKERxmaker@ aol.com, im@ Chasing War, chasing_war

Available/Taken Characters

The Application

To apply, send an e-mail with the following information. (Since AOL spam filters are wonky, please put your character name in the subject line, and if I don't get back to you by the next morning, im or something to make sure I got it.)

Player name:
Player e-mail:
Player screen-name:
Previous roleplaying experience (if any):
Any periodic engagements (extracurricular, jobs, ect...) that will be a factor in how often you will be available to post/log?
(Please note that just because you have a job, it doesn't mean that we are going to reject you. If we see a lot of involvements, we may just contact you to make sure you can handle it.):

Desired character name:
Desired PB (Sample picture or icon, please):

Brief (or not-so-brief) description of appearance:


Strengths (Both character and academic strengths):


(Blood type, their home life. How they grew up, stuff like that. Doesn't have to be really detailed. Maybe something important that happened to them when they were little. I'm not real picky, just go with it.)

And a sample journal entry or narrative about your character: (This should be done in a first person for an entry, third person for actions. For example: [Ron flopped down on his bed and sang Christmas carols for three hours. Then he opened his journal and began to write. I will never, ever sing a Christmas carol again for as long as I live.])

Once accepted, information regarding the community and such will be e-mailed.

Good luck, and hope to see you all in the game!