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Chandler Warrington

Who: Chandler and Adrian
What: Two very different housemates.

Adrian sat in one of the darker corners of the Slytherin common room, not really caring to hear the chit chat of his housemates at the moment. All he wanted to do was read, but what with the rain and all, every quiet space he had in mind was already taken. So, the common room it was. Off in a corner where no one else ever sat, his nose stuck in a book.

Chandler entered the common room and immediately wrinkled his nose at the noise level, planning to escape to the Dormatories as quick as possible. He looked around quickly to see if he could locate anyone whsoe company he'd enjoy - particularly one tall and gangly Slytherin boy he'd been hoping to talk to soon. He didn't see Blaise, however - he did spot his teammate Adrian Pucey, and recalling a conversation the two had had recently he made his way over to the boy. 'Evening, Adrian." He said indifferently, trying to spot the cover of his book. He was interested in how the boy's game performance was doing, though decided to start off with small talk. "Reading anything interesting?"

"'Fight Club'." Adrian stated, his eyes never moving from the book. "Again." After finishing up the paragraph, he took note of which page he was on, then closed the book and set it aside. Apparently, he'd been wrong by thinking this would be the most quiet of corners in the common room. He turned his eyes up towards Chandler, ready to talk to someone if he must.

Chandler looked down questioningly at the book. It's binding and glossy cover were that of the books he'd been reading as of late - Muggle literature. He made a note to inquire about the book, looking back at Adrian. "Interesting." He said offhandedly, sitting down carefully next to the boy. "I noticed your blunders the night before at practice." He crossed his hands, biting his lip slightly. "Am I wrong in saying I may have been correct the night before - has your relationship been meddling in other affairs?"

"..." At first Adrian wasn't up to answering that, but once he realized that Chandler here was, oddly enough, the only person he could talk to about all this he changed his mind. "I don't know. Could have been." Adrian said as though it hardly mattered, then raised a brow as he looked at the boy. "However, you weren't playing as well as you usually do either. Problems of your own?"

Chandler was examining the rest of the rowdy inhabitants of the common room, his eyes flitting towards the portrait hole now and again. Adrian's comment caught him offhand, though he simpley turned to his Housemate wide eyed and tried to force the scowl that was playing on his lips away. "I detest those weather conditions. And I see no need to practice in it when our next game is months away." He said cooly, with a wave of the hand. "But your indifference to the matter is immensely disturbing. Do you plan to shrug it off during a real game?" Chandler regarded Adrian with distaste.

Adrian simply rolled his eyes. "The whole mess will likely be cleared up one way or another by the time our next game actually rolls around. At this rate, I have to wonder how much longer my relationship is going to last." Adrian's blue gray eyes darted around the room, making sure that no one was listening in. He was obviously relieved to see that no one was

Chandler looked at Adrian disbelievingly. He was shamelessly going on about his relationship with Fred Weasley. If he could talk like this, he obviously wouldn't have a problem with the whole school knowing. Chandler quickly decided to drop the talk of Quidditch. "If you say so. Be sure that's valid." He smoothed out his collar and stepped in front of his teammate. "Why? Do you plan to give up so easily? Well, that's not going to do anything for yourself either." Chandler rolled his eyes, as if the answer to this situation should be obvious.

Adrian shrugged a bit, looking towards the small window on the opposite side of the room. He was in desperate need of some air, but that didn't seem like it was going to happen any time soon. "Untill you have to sneak around to see the one you care about, I doubt that you have any idea of how tiring a relationship like mine can be."

Chandler gave up trying to pry more out of Adrian, realizing he might be here for quite a while longer but still refusing to sit. "No, I don't suppose so. For the only chance at a relationship I've received so far would entail a large majority of the wealthy wizarding community knowing through the conversation of my parents." Chandler frowned, thinking about Edaline and how he'd probably have to see her over Christmas break. He remembered how she'd once kissed him and recalled that he had no memory of it now that he'd kissed another. "Really. I'd think it might, but then again is it really any better with the whole school keeping tabs on your private

"You see, the whole school keeping tabs of my relationship wouldn't really bother me all that much, being as, like I've stated, I don't give a shit what the whole world thinks." Shaking his head, Adrian turned his light eyes towards Chandler again, sliding a hand through his own hair as he stood from his seat to stretch his legs a bit. "But, whatever. What's ment to happen will happen, I suppose."

Chandler's eyes widened, but he found himself nodding once in agreement with Adrian's statement. "Well, yes. I'm not one to care what others think about myself. I'm more ... solitary." He looked Adrian in the eyes, now that they were both standing, having to look up a great deal, considering his small height. "I suppose so. Though there are little things you can do to help it along, you know. But it's not my business." Chandler cclosed the topic, no longer desiring to dwell on it, lest it make the boy even more mopey. He looked at the boy's blonde locks and curled his lip scrutinizingly. "You look as if you've just rolled out of bed." He stated plainly.

Adrian raised a brow at Chandler's last comment. "I don't really like to do anything to my hair. It just takes time from my day. Yours, on the other hand, looks as though you're supposed to be modeling for Gucci or something. Why on earth would you want to look like that all the time?" Adrian was honestly curious. Tilting his head to the side a bit, he continued to look at Chandler. "It takes too much time. I can understand looking nice occasionally, but every day?"

Chandler raised his eyebrow, not fully understanding Adrian at all, yet picking up to know that it wasn't exaclty a comment. "Goo-chi?" He repeated cluelessly, staring at Adrian in cofusion. He waved his hand then, dismissing it. "I've always done this." he spoke smoothly, closing his eyes, and gesturing to his own hair. "I never said you had to look like you've spent hours on your appearance daily, just make yourself presentable." He shrugged slightly. "It's your hair, not mine."

"Ah, well, I look presentable enough for myself." Adrian shrugged a bit as he glanced around the room. Ahh. Finally, people were starting to leave.

Chandler noticed the disappating crowd in the Common Room as well. Students must be heading to clubs early and from there, likely dinner. He grinned slightly at his extesive knowledge of the common room's schedule based on how crowded it would be ar different points of the day. 'Well I guess that's what matters then." Chandler said offhandedly, looking back towards the staircase and anticipating an Empty Dorm. 'Right then, I've best be completing my assignments."

Adrian couldn't help smirking as an idea formed in his head. This was definately something that he simply must do before Chandler took his leave, espically since the boy seemed so damn uptight about his appearence. "Oi, wait a minute. Don't move." He paused, eyes locking on the smaller boy's hair. "You've got something in your hair. I'll get it..." And with that, Adrian reached out and completely ruined Chandler's perfect hairstyle, leaving it sticking out at all angles and looking quite a bit like his own. The older Slytherin couldn't help laughing a bit.

Chandler had just begun to turn away when Adrian called out to him. He turned around tentatively and placed his hand son his hips. "What is it?" His eyes widened, however as he spoke of something in his hair. 'It had better not be a bug' he thought, horrified, and went to fix it himself when Adrian made the offer, proceeding to muss it up just as badly as his own. Chandler opened his mouth disbelievingly as his Housemate laughed, reaching up to violently flatten it back down to it's original style. He scowled at Adrian and cringed. he didn't enjoy being touched - especially on his head of all places. "That was uncalled for. I have no desire to look like I haven't showered thank you. You can leave your precious unkempt appearance to yourself." And with that he stood up staright with an air of dignity and turning around, marching up the staircase to the dormatory.

"See you around, Chandler." Adrian called to the other boy, still lauging as he sat back down in his chair and picked up his book once more.
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