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Elizabeth Moon

who: George Weasley and Liz Moon
what: A serious chat

George meandered out of his common room and straight down the winding staircase that led to the grounds. He was unsure what external force was driving him here - what exactly his intentions were. After a day of thinking he had a longing for the familiarity of these grounds - even the pitch he'd no longer use. He had a need to feel it all - sense it's presence. For it wasn't the acidemics that made this his school ... it was the happenings here - on these grounds. Every prank he and Fred had pulled, every action they'd taken had permanently inscribed themselves on these grounds in one way or another. Whether physically - as in the chipped rocks that were the outcome of many misaimed hexes, or mental, forever preserved in his own memory. IN whatever sense, he had the desire to know that nomatter how much they grew, where they went - this place would never forget them.

Liz pulled her shaggy hair back as she made her way across the grounds keeping her shoes in hand and letting her feet wander over the tickling, almost prickly grass. It was a slow day, unusual for a Ravenclaw with a packed schedule, but surprisingly she only had one assignment which was due in two days and she gladly seized the opportunity to relax. Spotting a familiar face ahead, albeit his hair was shorter but the locks were still as firey as ever, she tried to wave and gain his attention. Failing, Liz called across the grounds as she hurried up to him 'Oi! Fred! Are you blind?" she halted to a stop next to him and faltered her smile, noticing his grim expression "are you alright?"

George took in his surroundings one by one. The Forbidden Forest - the lake - the very spot by it where he'd first kissed Sadie. He smiled slightly and turned calmly to face Liz when she approached, his grin spreading as she mistaked him for his twin. "Alright there, Liz? I'm fine." He shook his head, looking up dreamily. "Just been doing some thinking tonight." George chuckled a bit and pointed to his cranium. "Oh yes, a strange and scary occurence for a Weasley twin." He plopped down on the grass, still wet from last night's rain and brushed his hair back with his fingers. "And I would be George."

Liz followed his gaze to the sky and smiled, something the two Weasleys could never fail to make her do "I wasn't aware you were capable of such things." her tone showed her statement was all in jest, however cruel the words may be. She winced when he pointed out her mistake, a stupid one at that "Sorry George, but you and Fred do look alike. Has anyone ever told you that?" she asked, plopping down next to him not caring how wrinkled her skirt would be afterwards "I think it might be the nose...or the eyes perhaps." she pointed to them, giving him an apologetic look all the while.

"We do? That's strange - because we'r enot even related." George grinned, pulling his knees up to his chest and resting his head on them. He shivered slightly - the snow had mostly melted, but the air was still fresh with frost and his old winter jacket just wasn't cutting it this year. "You ever wonder about the little things? Like - where the time went in our years here? Why we know the things we do - and why you seem to mee the best people later in life, when you'd have liked to have known them longer?" George scartched his head and inhaled deeply. "How come we didn't even know the other existed unti, thsi year?"

Liz was shocked at how serious he was being, but strangely she didn't mind. Instead she found it comforting, that he was more dynamic than most had led him on to be. She thought about what he said for a moment, an realized he was absolutely right. "I...haven't honestly, but now that you mention it, I see what you mean." she said somberly, pulling her socks and shoes over her freezing feet, rubbing them to warm them up "until this year I hadn't met anyone I could connect to and I tried so hard. This year, I decided not to search for friendship, instead to concentrate on my studies." she sighed, and gazed out into the distance "but this year, when I least expected it, I met people who've changed my life," she looked over at the redhead and smiled "whether they realize it or not."

George nodded. The girl had caught his drift exactly, and the irony in that was immense, for she was one of the people he felt a strange amount of impact from. He blushed slightly as she turned to look at him, waving his hand in protest. "Oh, cut it out." He laughed and shook his head, looking out towards the waters. "Fred and I never seemed to make an effort to branch out to real friend this year." he scratched his head and the pink returned to his cheeks. "This may come as a surprise but we were actually more the show-offy time." George looked back toward her and bit his lip. "And the year we've made so many is the year we've seem to do so much growing in." he focuses intently on Liz's face for a moment before blurting out. "If everything happens for a reason, who decided that you should enter my life? How have you changed me? Who-" george paused for a moment, aware of what he was about to say accidentally and considered holding it back - before he realized that he honeslty had no idea. "Whoa re you?"

"Who am I?" Liz repeated, confused by his question. Or maybe she wasn't, but questions like that weren't asked everday and when they were, they weren't to be taking lightly. She pondered for a moment, before letting out a sigh "I don't know who I am. I'm not exceptional at anything, there's no group I belong to. I suppose, I'm more like the paint than anythign else. I'm there, but I don't serve an necessary purpose." she shrugged, the shrug turning into a shiver as a wave of cold air flowed toward them "I don't know why I met you. Or what part you'll play in my future. But I know that I'm glad you're there, even if it's just for now...to sit here, and talk. Like this." Liz brushed a few strands of hair away from her face, gazing at George in the same way he had been looking at her "Who are you? Do you even know? Is it even possible to answer that question?" Liz realized that she was saying this for George as much as she was for herself "Maybe we came into eachother's lives so we could help eachother figure out who we really are. Maybe that's our purpose." she laughed a little, realizing how rediculous this sounded and how George was most likely thinking her insane.

George simply stared at her as she spoke, for once absorbing every word, contemplating each statement. "I think you serve a well enough purpose, Liz. Who else would cut my hair when I fail miserably at doing it myself?" George was forced to laugh at his own misfotune. He furrowed his brow at her next questin and looked down at the grass, pondering it for a moment. "I'm George. I'm foolish, angry, innovative, and I hate when people are upset. I'd do anything to change it. But I'm only half aof one whole." He sighed deeply, pulling his jacket closed tighter. "I used to think that was our only purpose - be the clowns, cheer people up. Now that we're growing, I'm curious as to what it means now. Is our goal to lead others in the same path?" George lay back, ignoring the wetness of the grass and looking at the star-filled sky. "Maybe you're right. yeah ... I like that idea." He smiled at nothing in particular.

Liz looked down at him "Does it bother you?" she asked, softly "That no one considers you as your own person. That its always Fred&George, or 'one of the twins'?" she'd never considered this, but putting herself in his position Liz realized how different it would be, and although she tried she couldn't put herself in his position. Liz joined her friend on the ground, the icy slush seeping through her cloak and rubbing against her back. "Don't you ever want to be just George?"

George looked to the side, chewing his lip slghtly. The question had arisen before, obviously, in his own mind, Though he wasn't sure how to express it in words - he just always knew the answer. "See, you'd think that." George shook his head slowly. "No. I can't say I would. It's impossible to explain ... it's more like a feeling you just know you have." He looked up, searching for the best way to describe it. When it came to him he shot up, as if a light had just went on in his mind. "Without Fred, there is no George. Without George, there's no Fred. We were one being once, you know. And something decided we had to be two. I don't think it intended for us to be seperate. Just one soul, in two people." George frowned for a moment and laughed. "Forget it - that didn't make any sense." He covered his face before looking back at Liz. "Anyway .. you have siblings?"

"It made perfect sense actually...in an odd biological-turned-metaphorical way." Liz said, honestly although she wondered if anyone else could understand that? Probably not. She was so caught up in his response that she barely heard his question, snapping out of her reverie she answered "Oh sure, two brothers. But it's not the same really...we're not that close."

George pondered this for a moment, finding the idea of siblings who weren't close at all an unfamiliar and almost unimagineable one. He realized that none of his siblings had ever not been close to another ... until his mind wandered back to Percy. George's face grew stern and he sighed. "I know that feeling. One of my brothers disowned the family." George looked up again, the stars proving themselves to be very comforting tonight.

Liz looked over at George in alarm, one of his brothers what? "He...disown- Why?!" she asked, ferverently before hastily adding "Not that it's any of my business."

George started at her surprise, but smiled, for some reason not bothered by the family's situation with Percy tonight. "Simple. He works for the Ministry. And the Ministry is always right, am I correct?" George shook his head - though he realized Liz didn't know as much as he did about the truth in that You-Know-Who had returned, he doubted she'd be daft enough to completely dismiss the idea.

"Well...I suppose." she said slowly, "but they're not always right. I mean, I don't think Harry's a madman...but I don't know." she sighed, not sure what to believe. "And I'm not sure if...you know, is actually back. But shouldn't the ministry be searching at least? Just in case?" Liz scolded herself, she was worried, and she knew it. There were just a lot of missing points in the prophet over the summer. "I'm just being paranoid." she added, apologetically hoping George didn't think she was spouting ideas.

"I think the Ministry is very good at pretending things they don't want to happen never happened at all." George said suddenly. He had a strong distaste for the Ministry for obvious reasons as of late, and had no problem expressing them. It was doing so without revealing that he knew more than should be known that was difficult. Sometimes he'd have liked to just spill everything to all his close friends. "He's back alright ... somehow and in some form. Harry may be friends with my brother but he's not that nutters." he shrugged and grinned at Liz. "At least that's my take on it all."

"Do you really think so?" she asked, confused and quiet. It was different for her, being kept in the dark with everyone shoving their own opinions around than it was for George, who was so sure of himself. She laughed at his comment about Ron, "I'm not sure, I think I need to see more evidence. But then again, if there is evidence, it might be too late." she sighed thoughtfully and shifted her back against the cold floor "But Dumbledore believes him, and I trust him. He's never led anyone into danger, and as far as I know...he's never been wrong."

George nodded. Perhaps one day she'd be able to know the truth without confusion - one day everyone would. And he hoped that day was not brought about in the worst way. "I trust him. I'm scared for this school, though. And what Umbridge is doing." He stood, looking back at the castle he called home for a good majority of his life. "I don't like it at all. I only hope the MInistry learns it's place soon."

"She's a real bitch isn't she? Taking over the school like she owns it." Liz sat up and crossed her arms over her chest "And she can't even teach!" Liz said, exasperated by this, with Umbridge around they were all going to do poorly on their OWLs for sure. "Really though, a cursed position? I just think it's bad luck and an odd coincidence."

George sighed. There were so many things he'd like to tell her right now. She of all people would understand - possibly be scared by it all - but understand. "You know, it just seems like they're trying to pacify us all into believeing there's nothing out there." He reached down to take Liz's hand and pulled her up after him. "Maybe I'm biased, knowing Harry so well." Or residing in the headquarters of a secret organization out to stop You-Know Who. "Or maybe I'm biased because of those tentions that toad gave me." George looked down at his left hand and frowned.

"Maybe they're in denial themsleves." she said, thoughtfully realizing that she was agreeing with George more and more after each passing minute "From what I heard about the last war...it was nearly the downfall of this society. The ministry is scared, not stupid. If it is true, they're being selectively blind, hoping that if they avoid the problem it might go away." Liz brushed herself off as she regained her balance, noticing the mud stains on her clothes "Thanks. But really, don't listen to me. I'm rambling." she followed his gave to his hand and furrowed her brows "Did you hurt your hand?"

George started toward the castle with Liz, fidgeting slightly about her inquiry concerning his hand. he really just longed to forget the whole thing, and felt as if he'd just said too much already. If he kept on he was likely to make her worry, and he didn't wish for this night to turn into that. He was over it. And so he should move on. "No, no. Haveing to do line do though." he said vaguely as a chuckle as they both trudged back towards school. "anyway, back a few topics, I'm really glad Fred and I met you this year. And we wonder why you've never pulled a prank or two with us." George rasied his eyebrow and smirked. "Unless you're scared."

Liz scoffed, making a noise that sounded something like 'Pchaw' "Me? Scared?" she asked, dubiously "I think you've got the wrong girl. That said, I don't have much experience with pranks and the like, and I'm extremely clumsy. I'd only get in your way." it was true, Liz had two left feet and made more noise than a calvary when she was trying to be quiet. Still, the idea seemed reckless and fun.

"Oh, you'll find it doesn't take much at all. That's only if you want to." he added, turning back to her and laughing. 'We could always just destroy you in another snowball fight." Withing moments, George was unintentinally leading her back to the Ravenclaw common room. He thought it seemed right to accompany her back after tonight's talk - one which had left him feeling glad and satisfied.

"You did not destroy me!" she said, defensively although in the end, she was always the one buried in snow "But...I don't know. A little mischief sounds very welcome. Just tell me when you want to do something, I'll try not to knock over too many suits of armor." she laughed, reaching the old tapestry that covered the entrance to her common room. "It was nice talking to you, sometimes it's good to have a serious conversation." raising an eyebrow at him, she waved her hand dismissively "and you'd better leave, I'm not giving out the password to pompous Gryffindors like yourself."

George patted her on the back and laughed as well, recalling the previous day's snowball fight. Both sides had been considerably damp and cold by the time it was over. "Sounds good." his face grew serious for a only a moment. "And I agree ... sometimes two heads are ... less dangerous than one when it comes to thinking like that." He smiled and stopped at the tapestry, pretending to shake. "Maybe the studious Ravenclaw isn't so perceptive, afterall. How are you so sure I don't already know it?" George wiggled an eyebrow, before bursting out into laughter and turning with a wave to walk back down the corridor. It was good to have a serious conversation for once, especially with a friend.

Liz rolled her eyes and muttering the password, entered her common room. She plopped into one of the large chairsby the fire, a smile still crossing her face. She really was lucky to have such great friends.
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