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Who: Fredrico y Adrian
What: More building up to an inevitable doom.

After finishing his dinner, Adrian stood from his seat at the Slytherin table and headed towards the exit, not looking at anyone in particular. Not even fred. His head slightly down, he walked with
a scowl on his face. It had been a crappy few days, that was for sure.

Fred shoved the remaining food on his plate into his mouth with vigor, hoping to catch a certain Slytherin at the oppurtune moment as soon as he headed out. It worked out well - for he was finished exactly the same time he saw Adrian Pucey exiting the Great Hall. Fred smiled at his friends and slipped away carefully, making haste towards the exit though trying to keep his intentions less obvious. He walked behind Adrian for some ways before he saw the halls were empty and called out to the boy. 'Adrian!"

Adrian stopped in his tracks when he heard someone calling out his name. He knew it was Fred, but none the less he hesitated a bit before turning around to see who it was. When he laid eyes on his boyfriend, he couldnt' help the slight grin. "Hey."

Fred reached Adrian in a few quick strides, and he looked behind him to ensure that they were indeed, alone. "C'mon." He said, grabbing his boyfriend by the forearm and leading him in the direction of a classroom he knew to be empty for some time. "You know, I've been worried about you these past few days. Has everything been sorted out with Montague and your broom?" Fred inquired as they entered the room, locking it behind him. He decided against bringing up the topic that seemed to upset Adrian the most - as it was his intent to cure the awkwardness tonight.

Adrian cringed at the mention of his asshole quidditch captain and grit his teeth for a moment. "Broom, yes." He stated. "Montague, I doubt that'll ever be settled." Shaking his head, he walked over to take a seat on the teacher's desk.

Fred sighed, taking a seat next to Adrian. "Sorry, love." He kicked his feet for a moment, at a loss for words before he found himself
muttering. "Wish I still could play Quidditch. I'd take the biggest jerk of a captain you have. Just give me a broom." He grinned, trying to make light of the situation - but still feeling the void in the times the sport used to occupy. "Anyway - you've got your broom and that's what matters." Fred leaned over
and planted a gentle kiss on Adrian's cheek.

Adrian shrugged. His eyes were downcast, locked on the floor. His hands in his lap. He wasn't touching Fred then, not even looking at him. "I don't know how much longer I can tolerate him. Really." Sighing, he let his gray blue eyes slide closed.

Fred sighed again, shaking his head. "Hey - I've had my fair share of crazy captains. Like Wood - he may have not been a jerk, but
he sure was demanding. Just try to stick close with the teammates who agree with you." Fred reached out quickly, and turned Adrian;s face to meet his own. "Stop worrying." He stated seriously, putting emphasis on each word.

Fred sighed again, shaking his head. "Hey - I've had my fair share of crazy captains. Like Wood - he may have not been a jerk, but
he sure was demanding. Just try to stick close with the teammates who agree with you." Fred reached out quickly, and turned Adrian;s face to meet his own. "Stop worrying." He stated seriously, putting emphasis on each word, and trying to assure the boy by brushing
his hair back a bit.

"Oh yes. That should work. Because I have SO many friends on the team." Adrian rolled his eyes, then found himself looking at his boyfriend. "And I'm not worrying about the whole quidditch thing
any more. I don't care all that much now."

Fred frowned, trying to catch Adrian's eyes. "Just talk to people. Conversation makes all the difference. And ... you've got me. I
know I'm not exactly a friend but I can try to be both." Fred looked down, reaching up to scratch his head uncomfortably. For some reason he felt like he was unable to make Adrian happy lately - and it
perturbed him.

Adrian was silent for a moment. No, Fred hadn't really been making him happy lately, and that was because Adrian still felt like Fred wasn't feeling what he said he was feeling. Sighing again, very lightly this time, he couldn't help leaning into the boy.

Fred lookedover at Adrin somberly. He suddenly jumped off the desk and pulled his boyfriend up by the shoulders, staring at him
intently. "Hey! What can I do to cheer this kid up, eh?" He cocked his head to the side and grinned. "I could ... do cartwheels. I may get injured - and it's only funny when someone gets hurt, right?" He thought about this statement for a moment and shook his head,
a confused look upon his face. No, he'd gotten that wrong somewhere.

Adrian blinked for a moment before sitting down again. So he was sulking. Big whoop. "What are you trying to do here, Fred?" He asked
softly, his eyes locked on his boyfriend.

Fred threw his hands in the air hopelessly, and stepped closer to Adrian. "Cheer you up. Somehow. That's all I want to do." He chewed his lip, feeling rather defeated before giving up and kissing Adrian abrasively. Why was the boy refusing to allow himself to be omforted. He usually perked right up when Fred saw him. And so as a last resort he kissed the Slytherin meaningfully, reaching up to bury
his fingers in his hair. "You can't go about pouting like this. It makes me upset."

Adrian's eyes slid closed as he kissed the boy back gently. Till Fred pulled away, anyway. "It's not like I'm trying to feel shitty. I
just do."

"I know." Fred frowned and propped himself back on the desk upon which Adrian sat. "You know, I don' thnik I'm really good at cheering you up though." He sighed heavily, closing his eyes. "I'm not exactly good with encouraging or uplifting words. Laughter has always been my only medicine." Fred licked his lips. He's already tried that approach with Adrian - and apparently he didn't want to laugh. But then what would work?

Adrian shrugged, then slid his arms around his boyfriend's waist, brigning him closer to him as he laid his head on his shoulder.Their whole situation was going to drive him insane soon. He couldn't help the light kisses he planted on the boy's neck and ear.

Fred pulled away only enough to stare down the Slytherin's eyes. He breathed in deeply and pulled himself into Adrian, kissing the area near his collar and nipping at the neck slightly. Something
had to make him feel better. He wrapped his arms around the boy's torso, pulling him close and holding him tightly. He was growing frustrated and confused by Adrian's misery - and was prepared to snap him out of it somehow.

Adrian nuzzled Fred's neck a bit, somehow feeling better just by having his boyfriend's arms wrapped so tightly around him. He smiled into the embrace, tugging at Fred's ear with his teeth for a

Fred grinned himself, biting at Adrian's lower lip playfully and reaching up to finger his sandy blonde hair, tugging at it slightly. He jumped down off the desk, but didn't let go of his boyfriend. He dragged him along with him, towards the door to the classroom. And when his back hit the wall he pulled Adrian closer for one last kiss before slipping away momentarily and smirking. "Pretty please cheer up." Fred jumped up and down slighty, his hand clamped together. "Just for a little?"

Adrian blinked several times as he watched Fred jumping around, very inch of his body feeling the distance that was now between the two. "I don't think that I can do that when you're jumping around like a little schoolgirl, Fred..." He said softly, wishing he had that contact once more.

Fred pulled him in again and kissed him sweetly this time. "I've got to go, love." He groaned, every ounce of him wanting to remain here and continue - for it seemed to make Adrian happy. "But you can try" he protested, pulling Adrian in for a hug which he elaborated by swinging him around in a circle, actually lifting Adrian off the ground. "Look - meet me in the Astronomy Tower at the end of this week?" he forwned slightly, before bursting into laughter and shaking his head. "I really am a schoolgirl, eh?"

"I have been trying, Fred."Adrian stated, almost sounding annoyed. "And yes, you do sound like a schoolgirl. But I'll see you, Fred. Later this week." Slowly, Adrian stepped back out of the hug, tucking his hands into his pockets as he gave the other boy a nod. "I'll... see you around then."

Fred nodded, though he was filled with a strange determination. He was going to cheer his boyfriend up. He didn't know quite yet what that would entail, but he was prepared for whatever was to
come. He planted another chaste kiss on Adrian's lips before unlocking the door. "I love you." He stated truthfully, before marching out, back towards the Great Hall.
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