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Fred Gideon Weasley

Who: Fred and Adrian
What: Do I sense ... tension?

Adrian Pucey went storming down the hallway, not caring if anyone saw that he wasn't sitting in his History of Magic class at the moment. He was pissed at the moment, fuming actually, and it was obvious as he stormed towards the far end of the castle, over where the Astronomy Tower was located.

Fred backed slowly away out of the hospital wing, still desperately eyeing Sadie's bed, a blush visible on his cheeks as Madam Pompfrey gauarded the doorway. "And if you need anything, just let me know and I'll go get George!" He shouted out as he was pushed away at last, the door slamming shut in front of him. Fred sighed defeatedly and shoved his hands in his pockets, ready to make his way back to the common room - as his classes were done for the day. He stopped however when he spotted Adrian down the hall. He looked ... different. Fred gave a hopeful wave and muttered a "Hey." as he approached.

Adrian knew that voice. But, he didn't stop. He just waited till Fred was near enough then grabbed him by the arm to pull the redhead along with him. "Hey." He stated simply.

Fred's smile evaporated when Adrian closed in on him - taking notice to his serious state, and furrowing his brow in confusion. "Adrian? What's - whoa." He was unable to finish his statement as he soon found himself gasping to blance as Adrian nearly dragged him along the corridor. "What's going on? Where are we going?" Fred had never seen this side of the Slytherin before - and he wasn't so sure what it was.

"Astronomy Tower." Adrian stated, his boice bland as the two of them made their way down the hall. The rest of the trip to the tower, Adrian was completely silent. At least till he had the door of the tower closed behind them, at which point he let go of Fred's arm and let out a yell of "STUPID FUCK!" before kicking over a desk and moving towards a window.

Fred kept his mouth shut for the whole trip, worried about what Adrian had to say - or do. This was definately a new side of him - and he didn't like it. When they were at the top, the door shut, Fred wtached his outburst in surprise, his eyes widening. For a fleeting moment, he actually thought he was talking about himself. Fred furrowed his brow and placed his hand on his hips. "What the hell did I -" He was cut off for the second time today as the desk flew over, Fred jumping although it was nowhere near him. "What happened?"

"You didn't do anything, Fred." Adrian stated as he struggled to keep himself from throwing a chair across the room. "But that stupid FUCK Montague did." At that point, he kicked the chair a ways instead of throwing it. "Fucker broke my broom. On purpose." He stomped over to the window to look outside.

Fred flinched at Adrian's choice of words. he wasn't one to swear so often, and though he knew Adrian was - he'd never heard him use it in anger. "Well, shite." Fred muttered, feeling rediculous and not knowing what to say. For a mometn a little voice in his head had the audacity to say 'At least you still had a broom.' - but he shook it away quickly, knowing he didn't sicnerely mean that. He took a few tentative steps toward his boyfriend, though not close enough to touch him "Well that was unjust then. Cant you do anything about it?"

"Just a little while ago, right before I came up here." He stated looking around for a minute. "In the commons. He got onto me for not showing up to practice last night, NEVER MIND THAT NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THE STUPID THING, then got my broom, put the brush part on the floor, held the handle, AND SNAPPED THE THING WITH HIS FOOD. God, I hate him." He shook his head for a moment, his head down. "I'm going to send home for another one. That's about all I can do."

Fred jumped back again. Gods, this boy could get angry. The voice in his head piped up again, thinking it would be nice to just be able to ask for a new one and get it. He sighed frustratedly, gritting his teeth. He shouldn't be thinking like that - especially with this boy standing in front of him so angry about the whole situation. It wasn't his fault he couldn't play Quidditch anymore. "Well ..." Fred took a few more steps, and placed his hand on Adrian's shoulder, attempting to move it in a comforting way - but it came out forced, making his shock quite visible. "Now that's all you can do. And .. well you could put itching powder in his robes or file a complaint. But that's just me..." He smiled weakly, hoping to get his boyfriend to calm down some. it was starting to frighten him.

At the feel of Fred's hand on his shoulder, he knew something was wrong. This wasn't the gentle hand he was used to, this time it felt almost forced. But whatever. Adrian turned and grabed Fred quickly before pressing him hard against the wall to kiss him passionately.

Fred's breath hitched as he was shoved againt the wall, his elbow hitting it at an obscure angle and knowing it'd been cut even through his robes by the warm sensation on it. He was confused and surprised - but not entirely disturbed by Adrian's actions, kissing back and allowing his hand to grasp the other boy's waist. He pulled away for a moment to look him in the eyes, trying to ignore the pain in his elbow. "Adrian? What's with you today?"

"Just a bad day. A REALLY bad day." Sighing, Adrian burried his face in the curve of Fred's neck, his arms wrapping around his boyfriend's waist as he pulled him closer. "Guess I was put in Slytherin for a reason," He stated, knowing how angry he could get sometimes.

Fred sighed, hugging Adrian close to him. "Well, I've finally located the Slytherin in you then." he shrugged and grinned, then letting go and moving to turn the desk rightside up, noticing that one leg was slightly shorter and chipped now. He bit his lip, having a seat atop it and patting the area next to him for Adrian to sit. "I can get just as cross, though it's a rare occasion." He dug through his pockets and retreived a Chocolate Frog, tossing it towards the Slytherin with a wink.

Adrian let out a heavy sigh as he sat beside the boyfriend, letting his head rest on Fred's shoulder as he set the frog to the side. He really wasn't hungry at the moment. Plus, he had something else on his mind. "Fred... I'm getting tired of hiding our relationship..." He said softly, wondering if Fred knew how hard it was for him, and how it was starting to hurt.

Fred bit his lip when Adrian brought up that topic, and he looked to the ground, fiddling with the hem of his robes. He began pulling up his sleeve to see how badly he'd been scraped. This was not something he wanted to think about. They'd agreed to keep it a secret - and everytime Fred imagined the reactions of others knowing, he froze up. it was too much to worry about. "Adrian ... we- we can't tell anyone." he said gently, hoping he wouldn't hurt the boy. "Not everyone is so accepting."

Adrian nodded, sure that he wasn't letting on how much it already hurt that Fred felt he had to hide his feelings. Was Fred ashamed of him or something? Adrian bit his lip for a moment before speaking. "Yeah... I figured." Shrugging, he sat up then stood, "I should probably go write to Dad for a new broom..." He said, his eyes locked on the floor.

Fred nodded as well, fingering his scrape and looking away. He felt bad, of course, but no one could know. If they did - neither of them would ever been taken seriously. What need did Adrian have to tell anyone, anyway? "Right. You should. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get one ..." He stood, with the uncomfortable feeling that he'd done nothing to brighten Adrian's day. It wasn't him - Fred wanted this kept a secret for both their sakes. So nobody was hurt by the cruel actions of their peers. He was sure Adrian could understand somehow. "Don't worry..." He repeated, stepping forward to kiss the boy lovingly.

\Not that Adrian ever cared what people thought about him anyway though. Or what they said about him. Adrian kissed back for a moment and realized that all this sneaking around and keeping their love secret was starting to make him feel a bit used. Did Fred actually care about him? Because if he couldn't let people know, just how much could he possibly care? Adrian broke the kiss and looked towards the door, then back at Fred. "We should probably get going. Next class starts soon"

Fred nodded, a tad confused that Adrian was being less physical than usual - besides the incident that gave him this scrape - but he owed it to the fact that he was having a bad day. "Right. Er .. want I should walk you to class? Mine are over for the day." Fred gathered up his bag and looked expectantly at the boy.

"No, it's alright." Adrian shrugged, then looked Fred in the eyes. "Besides, you probably wouldn't want to be seen in public with me." Sighing, he turned to start towards the door before glancing at Fred again. "Love you anyway though."

"Adrian - that's not.." Fred looked at him, feeling slightly hurt - Adrian wasn't understanding him. "It's not what I meant. I just don't want either of us to have a hard time, okay?" He stepped forward and kissed Adrian once more on the cheek. "Now cheer up. Love you too." He said quietly.

"Fred," He said, a little firmly as he turned to face the boy again. "I don't give a flying flip what people could possibly say about us. I don't. The fact is that I love you enough to not care what people think." Irritated and hurt, both of which were showing in his eyes, he turned to reach for the door handle, ready to go now.

Fred stopped in his tracks, feeling somewhat cold and confused. "Well - Adrian. Gods, I don't either but not all people feel the same." He reached out and took hold of the other boy's shoulder. "I just don't want either of us to get hurt." He looked down, feeling almost ashamed. "You know how I feel about you."

"Do I really?" He said softly, blue gray eyes locked on the floor near his feet. "There's no way that I would get hurt, Fred. There really isn't anything anyone would say that could hurt me, and it's not like I have any friends to loose..." Adrian sighed. "So, it's waiting on you."

Fred bit his lip, looking down and sighing. "I know. I'll be ready soon." he looked back up at Adrian desperately, feeling the hurt in the eyes he knew so well. "I promise." He took Adrian's ahnd and held it over his heart.

Adrian let Fred hold his hand for another minute before taking it away and tucking it into his pocket. "I... I really should be getting to class, Fred."

"Right." Fred took his hand back, holding it at his side. "I'm just gonna ... I'll be down soon." He forced a smile, and walked towards the window. "I hope your day goes better now, love." he muttered hopefully.

"Yeah... So do I..." Sighing, he opened the door. "I love you though," He said again, then walked out of the room, proceeding down the hallway towards his next class.

"I.. I love you too." Fred called out listlessly, sighing and smacking himself in the forehead as soon as Adrian lef the room. He knew he had no reason to feel bad - he just wasn't ready for the school to know. Was that so wrong? Fred removed his robe, wincing at the scrape on his elbow, and looking blankly out the window for a while before following down the stairs
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