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A notice:

To all students, more specifically those failing my classes already,

I, most unfortunately, must resign my position as Potions Master.

Professor Dumbledore has offered me the position of teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts, in light of the series of certain inept educators that have been permitted to teach here. I humbly accept his invitation, only dreaming of living up to the werewolves, charlatans, and fanatics that this wonderful learning establishment has housed.

The position of Potions Master will be taken over by a Mister Eric Christian, someone whom none of you have met because, apparently, it is incredibly difficult to arrive to Hogwarts at the start of term.

However, in the increasingly probable event that Professor Christian decides not to show up to teach his class, I will double both DADA and Potions.

NEWT Potions students, I would advise you to be aware that once per week I will be monitoring your Potions class, as well as administering an exam every two weeks to monitor your progress.

I would also like to remind all students that your current grades will be transferred over to your new teacher, and I will be grading the current assigned essays due Monday.

Looking forward to an exciting and learning-filled year,
Your Doting Professor Snape
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