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Elizabeth Moon

who: Liz Moon and Chandler Warrington

where: Liz's house has become a regualr hot spot hasn't it?

when: a day before school


Liz Moon had spent the afternoon in Diagon Alley purchasing her last minute school supplies.She stopped just outside the archway that led to the Leaky Cauldron and quickly made sure she had bought everything on her list, content that she had, Liz began to make her way into the pub. Looking up, she spotted a familiar face on the bench next to her and beamed. "Oi! Chandler!" Liz quickly changed direction and made her way over to the boy, dressed his best although it was quite warm, and plopped into the seat next to him. "Allo!" She quickly laughed at ehrself for missing him when he was only 5 feet away.

Chandler sat on a bench just just outside the Leaky Cauldron, going over his list of school supplies. He had arrived early, shocked with the fact that he'd let himself wait so long to complete the task. Granted, he would have stayed at Blaise's much longer, had it been permitted - leaving this outing until the very last minute. he tallied each supply carefully, taking an extra moment to admire his new and expensive quills when he heard the voice, peircing the silence like a knife. He winced as the girl plopped down beside him. He hadn't seen her either - and she was one person he'd learned to be weary around. Acknowledging her with a nod but not meeting her eyes, he looked back at his quills and said. "Good afternoon, Elizabeth."

Liz scrunched up her nose in distaste "For chrissake Chandler, I told you to quit the formality bullshit. You sound like my grandmother." she eyed his neatly pressed oxford and impeccably clean jeans "Or maybe she sounds like <i>you</i>." blowing the stray hair out of her eyes, it had grown much longer over the summer she grinned at his books "I see you've procrastinated about as much as I have. Hope you didn't have <i>too</i> many fancy shmancy tea gatherings over the summerin your lakeside villa or wherever the fuck it is you go during holiday."

Chandler listened to her rant and stared at her in disbelief when she was through. He was well aware what some people thought of him, and also well aware that Elizabeth Moon exaggerated. "Do you breathe at all?" His eyes widened, and he sat up straighter as she looked over his clothing. "For your information, I live in a <i>manor,</i> and I've been visiting family throughout Scotland. And you say it as if you live in a shack. I didn't think you to be that barbaric." He raised his eyebrows, though the amusement was evident in his actions. "You also have the foulest mouth I've ever heard, and I wouldn't disgrace the word 'lady' by putting it to your name." Satisfied, he returned to studying his crisp new notebooks.

"Thank goodness for that." she retorted "<i>Lady Elizabeth</i> is the foulest name I've ever heard. Besides, if I were a Lady-" she pretended to gag on the word "then I might have to marry you." slouching lower in her chair she shot her eyes over to him "so, how was 'the manor'?" the alst two words were spoken with a terrible pompous and airy accent, clearly in mock to Chandler. "And don't get your knickers in a bunch, I'm just joshing."

Chandler winced again at that horrendous thought, nearly gagging himself, but keeping his composure - placing his hand on his chest. "I'd sooner marry my cousin, which appears to be growing popular in some disgraceful pureblood families" He shook his head slowly. "it's not my vacation home, you know - I was <i>raised</i> there." He stood, gathering his bags quickly and looking down at her. "Now if you'll excuse me - I've got to find some place more ... <i>cultivated</i> to Floo out of." He said, looking over at the Leaky Cauldron with distaste.

Liz laughed "'Fraid I can't help you with that. My house doesn't have a fireplace." Liz thought for a minute before looking pointedly at him "But if you'd like, you can come over for dinner since its so damn early. Anyways, there's one in my mum's office that I'm sure she'd let you use."

Chandler was about to walk away, but he turned slowly to look at her, in disbelief. "You want...?" He started. he wasn't accustomed to being invited to a dinner without it being a formal affair. He began to contemplate how he'd decline her offer, but found it impossible. he'd always been taught to do the polite thing, and it killed him from time to time. Besides, at least he was - hopefully - guaranteed a clean and safe fireplace. "Yes alright. If she wouldn't mind terribly." He found himself saying, immediately regretting it, though he was curious as to how someone like her lived.

"Nah, I doubt it. She won't go to work until later though." Liz stood up and walked into the pub, "I hope you don't mind public transportation."

Chandler walked after her, keeping his eyes locked straight ahead while passing through the Cauldron, lest some strange customer start looking him over. He sighed relievedly when they hit the fresh air, realizing that he'd never actually been on the other side of the pub - the Muggle area. He looked around uncomfortably at the differences in attire and atmosphere, dumbstruck. "So this is what it's like." He muttered. "Public transportation? You mean as in the underground?"

Liz nodded "Yes, the underground." noticing the look on Chandler's face she reached over and pulled him along, down a flight of stairs that led to the platform, expertly dodging a homeless man sleeping on the steps "Anyways, its only two stops." The train came in a rush of sound and wind, Liz's hair blowing out in all directions before it stopped as suddenly as it came. She went into the car, pulling Chandler in with her and sat down "dont touch anything" she warned.

His bad feeling began as he was led down the dteps, leading into a dark and damp tunnel which smelled vaguely of urine. He covered his mouth quickly at that combined with the sight of the homeless man, his eyes widening in horror. He calmed down a bit as they were stationary, but the speeding train caused him to jump. "How do you <i>travel</i> this way?!" He nearly shouted, as they were led into the car. He wsn't sure he wanted to <i>sit</i> much less touch the filthy thing, but found it wasn't an option as he stumbled with the moving chair. Once he was seated he let out a heavy sigh and stared at the flourescent lights in confusion. "This is dismal. I don't care who calls me predjudiced from now on. At least I've seen it all."

Liz glared at him, "A train ride isn't seeing it all." she laughed "Hell, if it were, I'd never leave the wizarding world. But as it is, I kinda like the place." the train jerked to a stopped, which Liz ignored, continuing her chat "Even with the vagrants and flourescent lighting." the train stopped once more and this time Liz stood up, motioning for Chandler to follow as they ascended the stairs again. Rummaging in her bag, Liz put on her old sunglasses before emerging into the bright daylight. "Welcome to my home." she said dramatically, gesturing to the busy street with its vendors and shops. A group of girls were playing double-dutch and an old man was playing a guitar on the corner hoping to get money. Liz walked down one of the side roads, dropping a few coins into the man's guitar case before stopping at a chinese take-away named 'Cheung Weng'. She leaned against the door on the side of the restaurant and rummaged through her bag. "I can't find my bloody keys. Hold this." she murmered, thrusting her bag of school supplies at Chandler before taking out a set of keys and opening the door.

Chandler followed her up the stairs, covering his mouth yet again. When they emerged he stared around in fascination. He wasn't used to the city as it was, and this was a completely new experience. He noticed the occasional stare from various passersby at his ensemble, while he looked back at them with just as much shock. He regarded the guitarist with a look of pity - he could imagine having to do something of the sorts. Holding his attention even more , though were the coins thrown into the box. Everything was alien to him - from the concrete to the parked cars on the street. As a particularly noisy car went by, blowing it's horn he momentarily understood his fellow Slytherins' extreme disgust for them. Though overall, he was more intrigued than disgusted. As they stopped outside the door and he found his arms full of bags he found himself splurting aloud "You live in a ... restuarant?"

Liz had made it up two stairs when she heard his question. "A restaurant?" she laughed, continuing to ascend the stairs "don't be a prat. I live <i>ontop</i> of one." Opening the door to her flat, Liz was immediatly attacked by a large golden retriever that began licking her. Pushing th dog off and patting its head, she stepped into the small but neat apartment "For chrissakes Caleb, turn down your fucking music!" she practically screamed, before turning around and smiling apologetically at Chandler, the music lowering in the distance along witha  reply call of "Don't be such a tight arse!" Liz rolled her eyes and dropped her bag on the floor, taking off her shoes. "Well, make yourself comfortable. Want a drink?"

Chandler looked around nervously as they entered, immediately jumping back as he spotted the dog. He wasn't find of animals at all, and regarded them as unclean. He stood directly in front of the front door as it closed, staring the animal down in fear. "Please take your dog away before he ... marks me or something." Chandler took a deep breath, the unfamiliar music and loud shouts just barely running through his mind. it was all too much to make sense of. He looked back up at Liz for a moment, still noting the dog's location warily. "No, I don't want anything, thank you."

Liz looked over at him from the kitchen, "Buddy's a girl, she won't mark you." noticing his frightened appearance, she grabbed hold of the dog and let it out on the balcony, where it scratched at the glass. "Chandler, you can sit down you know. You sure you don't want anythign to drink." Liz took her own spot on the couch and proceeded to flip on the television, flicking through the channels stopping after a moment "Hey do you like...oh nevermind, no telly. Gotchya."

Chandler walked in slowly, slipping past the dog with great care towards the couch. He checked it out of habit before sitting on the edge of it, back straight. He then noticed the television and watched it in amazement. "So ... what types of photographs does this show?" His little knowledge of the Muggle world was more than obvious, as he looked around the room at the stationary pictures, a clock which read time in numerals, instead of with hands. "This is a world all it's own. it's certainly a peice of work." he remarked, with a hint of sarcasm


"Photographs?" Liz looked around the room to see what he was talking about, when she realised he meant the television she began to laugh and tried explaining. "It's not a photograph. It's a television, muggles use it for.." it took her a moment to find the right words "tell a story. Like a play in your home." His second comment however caused her to scowl and she turned to him losing some of her patience "Look, you could at least give it a chance."

"Oh." Chandler looked straight ahead, now seeing what she'd meant about the television. He stared at it for a while with childlike fascination, before snapping back to attention. "Just because I prefer my own way of life, doesn't mean I'm in possession of an 'I Detest Muggles' button." He smirked and pointed to his robes, imagining where the pin might go. "I'm not fond of it all, but I'm not like some Purebloods these days." Chandler folded his hands across one knee and continued to watch the television. Some Muggles now appeared to be in a quandry, invloving a lady bltantly with child, a handsome looking fellow, and a young woman. My, these people were a strange sort.

Liz rolled her eyes and flopped back on the couch, flicking her sandals off and placing her feet on the coffee table, "Aw, for cryin out loud Chandler, I didn't say you did. But from what I can see you already have your heart dead set on hating the place." Liz grabbed the remote and flicked off the tv, glancing over at him "Better?"

Chandler almost cried out a protest when she shut the instrument off, but the quiet was calming - only the vague sound of music in the background. "I've no such preconceptions." He stood and brushed off his trousers. "But I really must be getting to a fireplace. My parents are entertaining guest this evening, and I'm exprected to be the opening act." He drawled sarcastically, looking around for the time. He didn't spot any type of clock with hands, but another contraption atop the television blinked the numbers "12:00" below the label "time". "Does this mean it's noon? How is that possible?" He bent over and stared at in confusion. But he'd left his home at 10:00!

"It's a quarter to 5. What the hell are you on abo-. Oh." Liz saw that he was referring to the VCR which had never been set. The annoying blinking was oviously still there after a year of school. "Nonono. Thats just the VC- nevermind. You're entertaining guests? That sounds so...formal."

Chandler's cheeks burned slighty as he rose from the instrument. "Is it that late? Oh, I've got to go..." He said worriedly, rushing over to the table where he had left his supplies. "Yes well, it's just a dinner. Nothing fancy." He muttered as he gathered his belongings. "Do you know of anywhere I can Floo besides your mother's work?" He asked, a strange feeling of disappointment in the pit of his stomach. He never enjoyed the company they had at home, and as irritating as this place could be - it was also intriguing.

Liz raised her eyebrow but didnt say anything, her brief run-in with Pansy earlier in the week really let her know how different her life was from most of her classmates. She stood up, trying to think of somewhere "Not unless you want to go back to the Leaky Cauldron. We don't live near any wizards and our area doesnt have many houses with fireplaces anyway. But I can go wake her up, it shouldnt be a problem."

Chandler cocked his head to the side. "Wake..." The only explaination was that her mother worked some peasant-like graveyard shift. However, he was attempting politeness - even with Liz. "Oh, she works in the <i>evening</i>" He said. "Well, I suppose I could catch the Knight Bus." He cringed at the thought.

"Don't be rediculous. I'll wake her." Liz shrugged and started down the hall "She should be getting up soon anyway and I don't want you to be late for your dinner party." Ghe ghook her head, realising how odd it was having Chandler Warrington in her home...out of his free will.

"No you don't-" Chandler started, but realized she would do it anyway. He dreaded having to meet a parent of hers, and wondered how indecent she might come out of the bedroom. By force of habit, he patted his hair down and smoothed out his shirt, clutching his bags at his side and waiting, almost on his toes.

Liz rolled her eyes at Chandler from her mother's door, in a very 'oh yes I do' fashion. When there was no response she pounded louder "For chrissakes Mum, get out of bed! My friend from school needs a ride to your wo- Oh, you're up." Liz smiled abashedly at her mother, who was looking down at her with an expression of discontent, clearing wondering whether she was addressing <i>her</i> in that manner. It took her a minute to wonder what she was looking at before realising that Chandler was still in their hallway, as proper as always. "Oh. Mum, this is Chandler Warrington. Chandler, this is my mother, Kate." Liz smiled at Chandler, while her mother extended her hand to him. Kate Moon was claerly impressed with the boy "Very nice to meet you Chandler, are you on your way to church? I'm always telling Liz to go, but the little devil insists its a waste of-" Liz cut her off be clearing her throat "A friend from <i>school</i>. Can he use the fireplace in your office." Liz mother looked a bit surprised, but nodded "I didn't know you had friends, dear. Just let me change." Liz rolled her eyes at her mothers retreating form and offered a quick apology to Chandler.


"A pleasure to meet you, ma'a-" Chandler started, extending his hand to Liz's mother, before the two of them interrupted him in a series of conversation. He stood still, attempting to answer her inquiry about Church, before he was cut off once again. He frowned the rest of the time, nodding only as she left, when he turned to LIz. "You're really a <i>strange</i> bunch, you know that?" He shook his head. "Not that I'd expect you to be Head Girl were you <i>my</i> daughter, but does she really lack that much fait in you?" He stated rather bluntly. "Nevermind, it's fine." He added hastily. The last thing he wanted was for her to start shrieking again, for some reason.

Liz rolled her eyes and laughed, "She thinks I'm a bit aloof...I haven't the faintest idea why." she said, her voice drippign with sarcasm. "She's alright though, you just need to get to know her first. Anyways, I bet my parents arent all that different than yours when it comes down to it. Apart from the obvious exceptions."
Chasing War: Chandler raised his eyebrows and looked down the hall for her mother's return. As soon as she spoke, he armed himself to jump back and insist that his family was actually, nothing like her's, but something struck him speechless. Something in the fact that her mother seemed to be disappointed in her daughter brought back a feeling he hadn't known since his childhood. He shook it off as quickly as possible however, and as her mother came back down the hall, dressed, he added in a hushed voice, "'Any<i>ways</i>" He mocked, though his tone went serious after the word, "Not in the same sense that you believe."

Liz quirked an eyebrow to that "What you on about? How then?" Clearly, she had meant that parents, no matter where they grew up or what their backgrounds were, were always the same inside. Liz's own mother teased her and constantly harped about everything she did, but in the end Liz loved her very much. Noticing that she had come back and was gathering her bag and things she sighed, "I suppose I'll be seeign you around school then?"

Chandler didn't answer her, but simply looked down at his bags as if he were surveying his inventory. As her mother entered the room, he sincerely hoped he wouldn't have to be travelling far. Still, at this point he wasn't sure where he wanted to be. In the depths of his mind he could only think of one place, and it was obtainable in a matter of days. So for the time being, home would have to do. "I suppose so." He said dully, not particularly wishing to be snippy with the girl anymore, but still weary of becoming "friends." He did let a smirk appear however as he approached her mother, who was opening the front door. "Thank you very much, ma'am. I appreciate the trouble you're going to to get me home."

 Liz coughed, which for some odd reason made a sound like 'suck up', how peculiar. Walking over to them, Liz kissed her mother good-bye and paused when she turned to Chandler, unsure whether she should shake his hand or kiss his cheek, pat his back, or what... Liz settled on a brief hug, hoping it didnt irk him. "I'll see you in a few days, Chandler. And don't worry, my mum's a good driver." she gave a small laugh before waving giving he mtoher another hug.

Chandler turned to Liz sharply at her very ugly cough. "Bless you." He responded, zoning out while he was waiting before she wrapped her arms around him. He grew somewhat rigid, but endured it, dismissing it as something people like <i>them</i> must be accustomed to in saying goodbyes. He certainly hoped her mother didn't try it on him also, though he wasn't disgusted this time. "Yes, see you soon, then." He responded as he was lead out the door, with the strange feeling as if he'd accomplished something. "Driver?" He called back nervously, unsure of what he was about to get into. But he'd find out soon enough, as the door closed before Liz could say any more.
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