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Who: Pansy and Liz
Where: Liz's flat/ Chinese take-out
What: A brief summer reunion
Rated: PG

Pansy carefully turned a corner in the middle of London, painstakingly following the map her sister had drawn her. Why Leslie had wanted Chinese food from this particular take-out in a Muggle district was something Pansy couldn't understand, but she had volunteered to pick up lunch while Leslie went shopping for "knickers and things", and she much preferred the first option to the latter. She crossed the street again, mindful of the horrid Muggle cars, and cursed the Muggle studies class that was most likely the cause of this most unusual lunch. She reached the front door of the shop, and, after awkwardly smoothing her skirt, stepped inside the little restaurant.

Liz was poised over the counter of the very same restaurant Pansy had entered. Idly picking at cold sesame noodles and chatting with the store's owner, she hadn't noticed her come in, nor would have any reason to have expected her. The owner however, had noticed Pansy, and went to help her. Liz didn't usually find interest in the restaurant's customers (except for the 20-something lawyer who stopped by every saturday. My, did he have a fine arse...) but something made her turn around to see who it was. Her natural curiousity turned into natural disbelief, and then natural horror as she dropped her chopstick and lifted her sunglasses to see if the apparition was indeed true. Most unfortunately, it was. "What the bleedin hell are you doin here?!" her voice came out more higher pitched than normal and her nose scrunched upwards in shock, not bothering to hide any of it.

Pansy smiled uneasily at the storeowner, giving him her order with more hand explanation than absolutely necessary and standing at a considerable distance from the rest of the people in the store. She feared the diseases Muggles carried, mostly, and was quite uncomfortable in places like these. At the unpleasant screech that was Liz's voice, however, she winced slightly, mouth dropping open as she turned and inmistakably came across Liz Moon. "What are you doing here?" she countered, a frown twisted across her face and her arms crossed across her chest. Of all the people...

Me? What am I doing here? "I live here. Thanks." she voiced, "you on the other hand are travelling around muggle london out of your own free will? Prepostorus." she added the last bit with a sneer, and began eating her noodles again. "Get the chicken lo mein. It's good."

Pansy rolled her eyes and began to retort when Liz's words sunk in. "I don't eat chicken-- Wait a minute. You live here? As in, you sleep and bathe and... live? Here?" She gaped a bit, a shaky grin across her face. She couldn't be serious. "And I'm not travelling around Muggle London of my own volition. My sister likes this-" she eyed Liz's noodles with a raised brow and a tiny smirk"-well, whatever you call this."

"You're missing out." Liz said with a shrug, rolling her eyes "Not here. Upstairs, there's a flat. And yes, I do sleep and bathe there." Liz slurped a few noodles just to annoy her, "take out? Chinese food?" she offered "I didn't know you had siblings. I kind of pity them."

"Hold on," Pansy said, covering her grin with a hand for propriety's sake. "You're telling me. Your house. Is up there? You must be really, really, really poor. To live in Muggle London. On top of a Chinese take-out. I'm so sorry, I never knew." Her last words were flat, and it was hard to tell whether she was trying to be sincere, or whether she were simply trying not to break into hysterics in a public place such as this.

Liz's lips became thin as she grew increasingly angry with Pansy. "Oh shut up Parkinson, I happen to like London." she paused before adding "And my house. Excuse me if I wasn't born with a golden rod shoved high up my rear. But it's not like I'm poor or nothing, poor is living on a street corner." glaring at Pansy, Liz smacked down her noodles with such force that a few of them flew out of the box and unto the counter "Anyways, I'd rather be poor than be forced into everything my parents think is best for me."

Pansy's eyes narrowed, and her lips curved into a self-satisfied smile. "Do they make you work here, then? Oh, it must be horrid for your parents when you're off at school." She put one hand over heart in a gesture of sympathy. "And if all you eat is chicken lo mein... that would explain quite a bit." She gave Liz a careful looking-over, then let out a breathy little laugh. "My parents know what's best for me, silly. They don't force me to do anything," Pansy said, though her smile was noticeably more tense.

Liz glanced at the manager and laughed "My parents don't make me work period. Those aren't my parents. I mean really, do I look chinese?" she rolled her eyes in response to Pansy's statement, which she wholeheartedly believed to be false "I'm sure. Anyway, your lifestyle is much too...stuffy for me. How can you stand it? No music? No dancing? No parties." quirking an eyebrow Liz added "And I don't been those hoity toity tea parties either. I mean the glowstick, sweaty bodied, racing pulse kind."

Pansy rolled her eyes, the deeper connotations of her insults obviously lost upon Liz. "We have music, and dancing. And lots of parties." She grimaced at Liz's description of 'parties' though. "And what's wrong with tea?" she looked slightly confused, not really having any idea of what Liz was talking about.

"It's not coffee." she responded simply, more to disagree with Pansy than because she preferred coffee. Which she did, but tea was fine as long as it was loaded with sugar. "So why are you here anyway? We're quite a ways from Diagon. And don't even tell me you live in the city. I don't want a reason to burn the whole place down."

Pansy stuck up her nose slightly. "I don't live in London. We have a mansion just outside London. You know, where there's fresh air. And my sister happens to like this particular establishment, for some godawful reason." She grimaced at the food she'd ordered, deciding that she would wait until she got home to have lunch. "And believe me, London is forever tainted by your presence."

Liz rolled her eyes at the word 'mansion' "Mate, muggle or not, this place has some damned good food. Spekaing of which, go get it back to your sister. I'll make sure they scrub the areas you walked on when you leave." Liz smirked and waved her hand 'goodbye' in front of Pansy's face. "Toodles, see you in school."
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