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Adrian Pucey

Who: Fredrian
What: Are being nice again!

Fred watched his draining cauldron boredly, wondering if the mixture he'd just created would cause any serious damage to his face, should he fall asleep right in it. Thankfully, he was able to keep his senses tuned in long enough to empty it, wiping his brow with his sleeve and gathering it up along with the vial he was to turn in. As he set in on Professor Snape's desk thoughts played through his mind about his upcoming lunch - and his mouth began to water. So when the bell echoed through the damp dungeon he, George, and Lee were the first out of the classroom, entering the dingy stone corridors with more enthusiasm than this floor had probably ever seen.

Adrian had been heading down the hall in the opposite direction of the three Gryffindors. Today, for some reason, he found himself without any sort of an appetite, probably due to his early discovery of how terrible Goyle's bare feet smelled. He walked quickly, not really looking at anything as he moved, paying so little attention that he didn't even notice when he walked right past his very own boyfriend.

Fred licked his lips as the three bounded down the corridor, immediately spotting the messy head of hair that belonged to Adrian Pucey. He smirked as the preoccupied boy nearly passed him right by, sticking out his arm in front of him in an action that would have caused a great deal of pain if he hadn't slowed down. He caught the Slytherin by the arm, and smiled, suddenly feeling that lunch could wait. "Hey." He sung, waving for George and Lee to continue and giving George a look that only he knew meant "I'll be a little late."

Adrian was suddenly stopped by one redhead that he knew very well. He raised a brow at the boy, realizing that Fred was with not only George, but Lee Jordan as well. Did Fred actually get the nerve to tell someone else? Either way... Once Fred was ready to start moving, he took the boy's hand and continued towards the Slytherin common room. "Hey." He said, the anger he'd had reciently not sounding evident in his voice this time.

Fred watched as Lee walked away confusedly, George smirking back at him with a knowing look. As soon as they rounded the jagged stone corner, he allowed his hand to slip into Adrian's - knowing that the dungeons would have cleared out by now, as well as any common rooms, by students making their way towards the Great Hall. "How are you this afternoon love?" He spotted the portrait entrance to the Slytherin dungeons, and smirked, running his fingers over a lump in his pocket. Remembering his own adventure he slipped it out and held it in front of his boyfriend's face "Look what I nicked from the Ravenclaw common room." He smiled proudly.

Adrian took a look at the paperweight in his boyfriend's hand and smirked, shaking his head a bit. "Let me guess, you want a Slytherin one as well?" He asked with a quirk of his brow.

Fred stopped in his tracks, looking at the Slytherin painting - definately less warm than Gryffindor's own Fat Lady, and almost unbelievable that so many called the area just past it home. He looked back to Adrian, eyes lighting up and suddenly getting veyr excited. "You'd really get one for me? I want one from each House." He grinned widely, slipping his achievement back into his pocket. "I mean, you don't have to let me in or anything." Once again he eyes the area past the blonde boy's shoulder.

Adrian shrugged a bit, looking at his boyfriend for a moment. "The good one's all the way up in my dorm. No use making you sit out here and wait for me to find it." He looked back towards the portrait and muttered the password and stepped inside, letting Fred follow him in. "Besides," He said as they made their way through the common room and up a flight of stairs. "It's not like anyone else is going to be around during lunch."

Fred smiled gratefully, desireous for what lie ahead of the portrait. So he found himself engaged in his second great forbidden adventure this week, highly aware though not particularly concerned with the consequences of getting caught. He grasped the back of Adrian's robes, his ears catching the password and feeling even more devious, commiting it to memory and following in close behind Adrian. His mouth opened when they entered the stone common room. It was just as he'd expected it - dark and dreary, quiet and with a rather gloomy mood to it. Though in all it's differences, it did have sort of a regal touch to it, and the stone walls glowed brightly against the green furniture and lit fireplace. 'Whoa..." Fred murmered quietly.

Adrian just shrugged, completely used to the common room having spent six long years there, and proceeded to lead the Gryffindor up to the 6th year boys dorm. He pushed the door open, then walked across to his part of the room.

Fred tread up the staircase lightly, lest some lone Slytherin who'd skipped lunch that day should discover the two. He was midly shocked upon entering the Dormatory - it did seem to hold a homier feeling too it, with the beds and odd personal belongings strewn about. it wasn't much different than his own dormatory in that sense. A smile breaking, Fred bounded across the room and studied every nook and crannie. "So this is where the big bad Slytherins sleep, eh?" he clicked his tongue. "How cute." Fred looked back over his shoulder at Adrian and stuck his tongue out with a smirk.

"Meh." Shrugging once more, Adrian opened his trunk, digging around a bit for the paperweight he knew was in there. A moment later, he came out victorious, and with a green paperwight in his hand. Upon closer inspection, you could see that it was charmed to look as though a silvery snake was slythering around inside it. "Here ya go, Freddieboy."

Fred watched Adrian's motions carefully, for the first time wondering what he could have meant by "the good one." He waited and held out his hand to the paperweight when he emerged with it, examining it meticulously and smiling widely at the realistic looking snake slithering throughout it. He grabbed it from Adrian and held it up to his eyes. 'I can really have this?" He asked , holding it to his chest, and not waiting for an answer - leaping at the boy with his full body stregnth, pushing him back onto the bed he guessed was Adrian's by the location of his trunk. He climbed up quickly after and ripped the pillow out from under him, throwing a pillow over his face and laughing. 'Why thank you love!" He shouted.

Adrian genuinely smiled at his boyfriend for the first time in what seemed like ages, then reached out to slide his arms around Fred's waist after sitting up. "Don't worry about it, Fred. Concider it an apology for being a bitch lately."

Fred smiles as well, giving Adrian's cheek a playful slap. "You bitch." He chuckled, before resting his palm there once more, gently this time. "It's alright. I can get quite cross as well." He slipped his treasure into one of his robes pockets and sat up with his legs hanging over the side over the bed. Fred leaned in and pressed his lip's to Adrian's, proceeding to kiss him lovingly. So he's caught the Slytherin in his own territory.

Adrian's eyes slid closed as Fred's lips pressed against his own. Pulling the boy closer, he let one hand slide into the red hair as he deepened the kiss. Without thinking, Adrian pulled at Fred, causing the two of them to lie back on the bed, the older of the two on top of the other.

Fred grinned into the kiss as he was pulled towards the bed, removing his lips to plant gentle ones all along the other boy's face and pulling his face away momentarily. He smirked and had to cover his mouth to keep from chuckling, when he spoke. "Looks like I 'got farther' in the Slytherin Commons than I did in the Ravenclaw." He bit his lip and laughed at his own joke before leaning back in and kissing Adrian's upper lip playfully.

Adrian laughed a bit, looking into his boyfriend's eyes. "Well, I certianly hope that you didn't go this far in the Ravenclaw dorms, otherwise I'd have to be very upset." One hand still on the back of Fred's head, he pulled the boy down for another deep kiss, the arm around his waist tightening as though he didn't want to let go.

Fred sighed through his nose into the kiss, peeking out the side of his eyes to examine the empty room around him. In his head he devised a plan, quickly springing up and dragging Adrian with him. "C'mon!" He muttered, rushing right back down into the equally desolate common room. He stood in the very center, in front of the fire place and in plain veiw for all the paintings lining the walls. He then seized Adrian around the torso and pulled him in for a deep and meaningful kiss. Fred stpped back with a raised eyebrow and whispered, barely audibly "I kissed a Slytherin in his common room." He looked up now at the portraits. "And he's a boy. And I love him." He laughed at his own enthusiasm. "How's that for your inter-house unity?"

Smiling at his boyfriend, Adrian just laughed as he listened to the portraits on the walls causing a small uproar, cursing Fred as they called him all sorts of bad names. Adrian pulled Fred in for another kiss, tender this time as his eyes slid closed. Moments later, he broke the kiss, opened his eyes, and whispered "I love you, Fred."

Fred stared into the blue grey eyes that always sent him spinning, feeling as if his own feet were going to fail him. 'I love you too." He smiled and leaned in, kissing him quickly and leading him to the portrait hole. "Now, I hate to run but I'm starved.." Fred chuckled helplessly. "I've been looking forward to lunch all day. I guess for good reason." he pointed at Adrian, grinning and winking stupidly.

Smiling at his boyfriend, Adrian gave him a nod. "Understandable. I'll see you later then, love. Have fun at lunch." With a wink, he watched his boyfriend exit the portrait hole, then turned and started towards his dorm once more, a wide smile on his face as he went.
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