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Who: Pansy and Chandler
Where: Slytherin Commons
What: A chat between Housemates.

Pansy sat in a large armchair in the Slytherin commons, a roll of parchment in her lap. It listed several names, and she carefully examined each one and etched tallies accordingly; a very tedious process indeed. The fire was dwindling, and she didn't expect anyone to come through this late, other than maybe Blaise wandering about. She certainly didn't mind the solitude, and the warm cat curled at her feet wasn't too bad either.

When Chandler neared the common room, the sky outside had already grown dark, the night falling upon the grounds steadily. He had barely noticed the late hour until he exited the Quidditch changing rooms after his shower. He was used to being the last one there and thus, the last to leave, but apparently practice had gone on longer than he'd expected. Little hope to meet with anyone tonight, as he'd need to be getting to bed as soon as possible. He rushed toward the portrait hole, holding as much dignity as possible with his hair still damp and askew. He said the password and walked in eagerly and panicking - so thoughts of not being able to sleep running through his mind, that he was taken off guard by the girl in the armchair. He quickly placed the face in the dark and walked up to her, speaking a polite "Good evening Miss Parkinson."

An eyebrow raised instinctively, and Pansy lowered her parchment, looking up and trying to decipher who was standing before her. She vaguely recognized the face as one of the Slytherin team, which explained Chandler's disheveled appearance. She found it humourous. An amused smirk passed across her lips, and she returned the salutation. "Evening. Chandler, I believe?" She couldn't remember the last name, but his first was one she couldn't easily forget. A rather stuffy name, that reminded her of holiday parties and the like.

Chandler nodded, raising his eyebrows slightly at her smirk and looking down at his robes self-consciously. Was something about his appearance amusing? He stood up straight and dismissed it for the moment, nosily eyeing over whatever he held in her hands. It appeared to be a list of names .. though he saw no obvious explanation for it. "What might someone like yourself still be doing up at this hour? Surely no amount of work that couldn't wait until the morning." Chandler grinned. He couldn't help but carry out a conversation - as he was always taught it as the mannerly thing to do.

Pansy grinned, shifting the parchment out of Chandler's view. "Inventory," she said slyly, waving a hand dismissively and tucking her quill into her pocket. "I suppose it could wait until morning, but how often is the common room not filled with whiney little Firsties?" Granted, they probably wouldn't whine so much if Blaise and other assorted upper years didn't harass them at every possible chance, but that was beside the point. "So, you going to have a seat and chat, or would you prefer to stand there like a stiff?" she wondered, gesturing to the seat across with another smirk.

Chandler acknowledged her respectfully at her voiced distaste for the ever-irritating young Slytherins. "Oh, I agree. It's only three months into term and they do believe they own this school." He shifted a bit at her mention of Blaise, and even more so when she commented on his composure. He grinned, however, at her bold attitude and had a seat, crossing his hands in his lap and for the first time noticing the shiny badge on her robes. "Ahh, a prefect. There's the explanation I was searching for. Inventory is a tad vague, my dear." He rubbed his chin, apparently having little concern for the late hour now that he was engaged in conversation. "I would've been a shoo-in if I had more spirit. Or so I was told." Chandler rolled his eyes.

Pansy beamed a tiny bit as her Prefect status was recognized. "Who told you that?" she mused, an eyebrow raised, "Your parents?" She laughed a breathy sort of laugh, shaking her head a tiny bit. "Spirit is a lovely thing. Can get you places. But having a name like Draco Malfoy gets you further, I'm afraid." She looked over her parchment again, not quite satisfied, but it would do. "And yes, inventory. Sort of a... school rank, perhaps? Who needs to be taken down a few notches." The names 'Liz Moon', and 'Granger' were towards the top of the list in Pansy's loopy scrawl, along with 'Any and all Weasleys'.

Chandler grinned, though he nearly cringed visibly - recalling his parents' reaction to his not being made prefect. They hadn't yelled, or thrown a fit, or taken away any privileges. No, he simply received the 'we expect more of you' talk. Always a miserable one to withstand. "A number of professors when I inquired, I'm afraid. I don't mind. I'm a very solitary person." He flicked a piece of dirt off his robes and looked back at her. "Ahh, yes. You are who you know, afterall. I do hope there are more than a few particularly rude First years and Hufflepuffs on that list." Chandler pretended to peek over he hand to view it. He chuckled, reaching up to smooth out his hair a bit, before adding. "So, you're friendly with Blaise Zabini then? Our resident night owl."

Pansy smirked. "I'm sorry they lied. It's really not all that great, though. Lots of procedure and paperwork and pointless late nights." She shrugged, flicking the parchment a bit and carefully rolling it up. "You shame the sanctity of the list, friend. Hufflepuffs and Firsties? Never." She gave a gesture of extreme distaste and shook her head. She smiled though, at the mention of Blaise. "Ah, yes. Blaise. Surprised he's not wandering about quoting Shakespeare or something. He never actually sleeps."

"Late nights?" Chandler studied her face scrutinizingly. "Well, it certainly isn't visible in your face, so it can't be too horrid." Chandler looked around the common room, eventually examining his own watch and nearly cringing at the late hour. "I wouldn't be able to take it, though. I'm an 'early to bed, early to rise' sort of lad. My schoolwork would likely suffer greatly." He grinned as she described Blaise perfectly, nodding. "Yes, he's something else." Chandler took a deep breath and pulled at a string on his robes. "I'm almost surprised at how many halfway decent acquaintances I've made this school year. I'm beginning to think it's not the Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors I had to worry about." Chandler frowned, recalling his incident in the mud with Elizabeth Moon.

"Yes. Patrols and the like. It's not too often, there're duty stretches. But it's only fun when you get to give out detentions and whatnot. Which, ironically enough, has become more difficult with all these decrees. Umbridge wants to handle everything herself." Pansy glanced at her own watch and smirked. "What's kept you up tonight?" she wondered, propping her feet up on an ottoman. An eyebrow raised at Chandler's odd way of describing Blaise, and she sat up straighter to get a better view of his face. "Ah, so you're Blaise's new friend then? I've heard so little about you." She grinned, curiously, and crossed her arms carefully.

"Giving detentions, fun?" Chandler quirked a brow, smirking. "I can imagine how that might be true, if the said student had done something quite worthy of it. I'd like to get a few of the obnoxious students who so thoughtfully make the library near impossible to study in." Chandler wrinkled his nose, suddenly believing that being a Prefect might have been worthwhile. "I've just returned from Quidditch practice. Montague has us working like slaves recently." He rolled his eyes. "And I'm always the last one out of the locker rooms." As Pansy's eyes met her face he straightened up in his seat, his eyes briefly flickering to her feet, before answering. "Yes, I suppose I am. As we've spoken more than a few times and he really is an interesting specimen. I don't believe he's mentioned you. Are you two close, then?"

Pansy's jaw dropped a little bit and she stared at Chandler for a moment. "You'd use your Prefect status to make the library a better place? You're incredible." She laughed a little, then shrugged. "Extra practice is quite understandable, though. After all, there was that rather embarrassing defeat a few weeks ago, if I recall correctly." She set him with a cool look, eyes narrowed just a tiny bit. "Blaise is quite interesting. Not like anyone else I've ever met, especially in this house." She stiffened slightly at having never been mentioned before. "You could say so," she replied to Chandler's query, lips curved ever-so-slightly.

"Well, yes. What else would you use it for but to improve the school?" Chandler looked slightly confused. That's what he would do if he had a badge, anyway. "Oh I don't mind at all, I just detest getting to bed late. That's why I shower in the locker room. Saves time, as well as my robes from being soiled." he explained as if this should be obvious. Despite the amount of people who had thus far been confused by his quirks, Chandler personally believed that he simply had more class. He furrowed his brow as she went on about Blaise - what was that supposed to mean? "Yes, yes, I do believe the boy is nothing short of intriguing. I'll make note to inform him that I spoke to you." he thought for a moment, before placing her name to another location in his mind. "You're friendly with Draco Malfoy aren't you? Were you the one who wrote that song? It really was quite clever."

Pansy laughed again, looking incredulously at Chandler, unable to tell if he was really joking or not. "Try, 'inflicting pain and unhappiness'? Really, I thought the concept was rather self-explanatory." She rested her forehead on her fingertips for a moment, smiling widely. "You're odd, you know that? Very odd." She didn't mean it as an insult, she was simply stating. It amused her immensely. "And yes, I'm very 'friendly' with Draco. I wrote most of the song." She shrugged, and let out a tired sigh. "Lot of good it did, though, hm?"

"Oh please, the last thing this school needs are a few more overdramatic and unhappy students." He chuckled, placing his hand over his chest. "But whatever you need to do to have your fun, love." He stood up, adjusting his robes, just as she called him odd. He looked down at her and shook his head. He should have seen that coming, and was significantly less surprised than the previous times he's heard that. "So I've been told. Apparently using proper manners and practicing etiquette is strange, nowadays." He shrugged with s grin. "Well if anything it got three members kicked off the Gryffindor team - making it quite easy for us next time." Chandler said indifferently. He wasn't exactly happy with Umbridge's decision, as half the fun was gone now.

"Have to do my part, you know," Pansy said, smirking and giving an innocent and earnest looking smile. She watched him stand, then frowned at his reaction to her words, waving a hand through the air distractedly. "I didn't mean manners and etiquette. I meant your mannerisms. Odd, yes. But slightly refreshing. Although, it does call into question your Sorting." She glanced at her fingernails, frowning at a chip in the polish on her thumb. "You really happy about that decision? I mean, yes, Potter and the Weasleys deserve to be miserable. But at the same time it undermines the strength of our team."

"You're different. It's amusing. I'll have to call on you should I ever meet a particularly difficult student." Chandler grinned looking up as he considered her description of himself. "Refreshing? Well, that's a relief to hear. Where exactly would I have fit better? Just because I haven't yet reduced myself to a Neanderthal doesn't mean I deserve any house but my own, methinks." He was sure she'd agree. After all, some of his housemates were truly intolerable. "No, honestly I don't agree with it. Unless they can find new players equivalent in skill to the ones they've lost, I don't believe we can honestly deserve a win against Gryffindor again." Chandler shook his head mournfully.

"I'll take that as a compliment," Pansy said, green eyes narrowed and scrutinizing Chandler's face, "But I'll have you know, I don't just hand out favours." She grinned lightly. "Perhaps Ravenclaw," she pondered, "You know, the obsessively organized and studious little bookworms. I'm sure they'd share your appreciation of our library." She bit her lip, pretending to give the matter a great deal of thought. "Regretfully, they're quite boring though. Unless you get the occasional psychopath." She shook her head a little, thinking of Liz. "Perhaps you'd better stay here." Pansy nodded in agreement at his last statement. "When was the last time we actually beat Gryffindor?" she wondered, a soft line furrowed across her brow as she tried to remember.

"Do." Chandler smirked eyeing a piece of hair in his eyes frustratedly. "Ravenclaw? Oh my, spare me. I'm beginning to doubt their reputation is flawless. I may be intelligent, but I do believe I fit the criteria for this house." He grimaced when she mentioned psychopaths. "Oh yes, like that one .. Elizabeth Moon is it? Or 'Takes a Walk In the Mud With No Shoes" Moon? I didn't take notice. I was too repulsed." he grinned at his own attempt of joking about the girl, having little desire to inform Pansy of her making a fool out of him. Chandler looked back to his watch again quickly, deciding it was about time to retire and wrapped up the topic of defeating Gryffindor with a simple. "Exactly."

Pansy smirked. "I'm sure at one point Ravenclaw had a more... restrictive sorting policy." She laughed lightly. "Don't even get me started on Liz Moon. The bane of that House, I'm quite sure." She took the cue from Chandler to look at her own watch, repressing a yawn as she realized how late it was getting. "It's getting awfully late. I suppose you'll be needing some sleep, Mr. Early Riser?" She grinned, tucking a few things into her bag and standing up.

"Well it's gone all to pot now, then, I assume." Chandler chuckled and nodded. "Yes, I'll be needing my sleep if I have any plans to pay attention in class tomorrow." he stepped back towards the girl and took he hand, palm down, lifting it towards him and bowing slightly. "It was a pleasure speaking with you." He grinned once more and promptly turned on his heel, marching towards the staircase that led to the Boys Dormatory. he turned back her way once more. "I'm glad we think the same on certain matters. Make sure to keep your ears open in the library for me." He smirked and continued up, noting that for once - he was getting to sleep after the rest of his Dormmates.
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