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Adrian Pucey

Who: Adrian and Liz

Adrian Pucey sat just outside the Great Hall, finding it was far quieter here than in his own commons, what with the rain having kept many of the students inside for the day. Open in front of him was a well read book, the edges and spine beat up obviously from being read so many times.

Liz, not posseses much tact and lacking completely in subtlety, plopped herself down next to Adrian and stared intensly at Adrian's profile. If real life had special effects, there would be wavering mind beams coming out of her eyes right now. Giving up, she cleared her throat "Are you oblivious Pucey? Or just blind?"

Great. Just who I wanted to see. Adrian thought to himself as he took note of his page and set his book aside. He turned his gray blue eyes to meet yours. "Perhaps I like that book. I could have been really into it, you know."

"Doubtful," she countered with a sigh "as there aren't any pictures." Liz flashed him a cocky smile, if she had been any younger it would have been replaced with her sticking out her tongue and laughing at him. It took her a minute to remember why she was here "Look, I figured I might as well try gettign to know you. But remember, this does not, in any way, shape or form mean that I like you." she paused before contuing to get the message across "Or tolerate you."

"Like I'd ever assume, or even want, you to like me, Liz." With a roll of his eyes, Adrian looked towards his shoes. It didn't take him long to notice one of his laces were united, which he promptly fixed.

"Its nice to see that it's clear then." Liz lened back on her elbows, tapping one of her feet to a song only she was hearing "So, how are you?" ...did she just say that? "Did I jsut say that?!"

Adrian looked at her once more, brow raised this time. "Yes, you just did. Oddly enough. And I'm shitty, not that you really care."

"I'll try and care." Liz's words didn't sound nearly as forced as she had expected them to be "So, why are you so...'shitty'" she asked, flourishing her statement with air quotations.

"I'd really rather not get into it with you." Adrian almost sounded bitter with that last statement, though he didn't even try to.

"Fine. I won't offer my advice." she chided, turning her back towards him.

He just watched her, a smirk on his face. Apparently, he'd pissed her off a bit. "And if I only told you that I was shitty due to Fred? What would you have to say about that?"

Liz turned back to him resting on her elbows once more, doing a little victory dance in her head. Oh what a marvelous thing reverse psychology is. "Depends on what he did to make you feel shitty really."

Adrian just shook his head. "Forget it. It would brobably just go right over your blonde Ravenclaw head." This was, after all, one of Fred's friends. He didn't need to explain to her his current problems with his boyfriend. Plus, he wasn't even sure how close Liz thought the two of them were.

Liz glared at him, "God, you're a bitch. And to think i was trying to help. Look he hasn't been himself lately and I just wanted to know what the hell was going on."

Adrian just looked at her, no expression in his face dispite the fact that his mind was going about a hundred miles a minute. "Two questions. How much has he told you, and how is he acting odd."

"He's acting odd because apparently he's been fighting with his boyfriend." Liz looked at Adrian appraisingly, "I don't know what he was thinking."

Adrian gave her a nod. Apparently, he'd told her about their relationship. He began to poke at his book once more. "Yes well, that's pretty much why I'm shitty too. But whatever I tell you you're just going to run off and tell Fred."

Liz furroed her brow at him, he really was daft. "Why the hell would I do that? Whatever's going on is between you and him and I'm no one's messanger girl." she sat up and looked at him "Besides, I don't want to upset him."

"You would probably tell him because you're his friend and from what I understand, that's what friends do." Adrian shrugged a bit. "I mean, if you're honestly not going to tell him, then I suppose I could tell you." Chandler already knows anyway.

"Look I might be a bitch, but I'm a bitch with morals." she told him honestly, stopping to yawn "And first and foremost, I don't lie."

"Well in that case..." Another eyeroll before he began to talk. "It seems as though he doesn't mind being with another guy as long as no one knows. Where as I, on the other hand, don't give a shit who knows. It's not that I want to stand up and proclaim to the world that we're seriously dating, but sneaking around gets pretty fucking old."

Liz took a moment to think it over, "Can you honestly blame him though? I mean, I know its hard and all, but maybe he's not ready." she averted her gaze and quicky found out that the fabric of her skirt was very intriguing "Give him time."

Adrian wasn't looking at her now. He'd gone over that idea several times, but it just didn't seem right with Fred for some reason. It just felt like all Fred wanted was to snog in secret.

Liz stood up and patted his head reassuringly, "Rome wasn't built in a day." she murmered before hoisting up her bags, "Look, I'd better leave before someone thinks we're getting...friendly."

Shrugging a bit, Adrian stretched his legs out in front of him and crossed them at the ancles. Picking up his book, he said, "You'd better get going then. Hate to ruin your... Image." Snicker.

Liz smirked "I'm going to ignore that comment." she turned around and started walking before stopping abruptly to face him again "You'll figure things out." she gave an uncharacteristic wave and continued her way down the hall wondering what good that ahd accomplished.

Adrian gave her a nod as she started to walk away, then opened his book once more, letting himself get lost in the story he knew so well once more.
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