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Who: The carpet-muncher and the pillow-biter. Err... I mean, Fred and Liz.
What: Good natured fun between two good friends. At least that's what I'd call Fred sneaking into the Ravenclaw common room.

Fred tossed an apple up and down, pausing only to take a bite of the fruit, leaving a mess on his hand as he ambled down the corridor in the direction of Gryffindor Tower. He was just about there ... in the area separating the staircases to Gryffindor and Ravenclaw Towers when he heard a commotion in the opposite direction of his destination. Letting his insatiable curiousity take over, he peeked up the staircase at the far end of the hall to see who was there.

Liz stood in front of the tower, on the back of a six year after she had begged for a 'piggy back ride' after dinner. The lot of them were fooling around like three year olds on a sugar high, and were making complete fools of themselves. The tapestry spilt down the seams to reveal an entrance way and with a 'giddyup' and a cry of protest from her 'horse' she disappeared into the tower, yelling at him to take a whipping like a real man. None of them noticed the redhead.

Fred quickly spotted Liz's messy head of hair above all the rest and smirked when he realized what she was doing. He glanced around quickly before following after, taking care to tread gently on the staircase. He reached the top and was just able to see into the confines of the Ravenclaw Common room - the painting still hadn't closed. Fred bit his lip with a slightly devious look in his eye and sprinted up the stairs, straight past the tapestry and slipping right inbetween the stone wall and the painting, immediately ducking behind a couch until the lot of her rowdy friends thinned.

Liz waved each of them a halfhearted goobye, lying upside down on her favorite chair, legs over the beack and her head towards the ground as she read. Turning the page, she noticed a flicker of movement and looked bakc to see what it was. Liz fell off the chair, yelping and landing in a heap on the floor before she hurriedly stood up and gaped at Fred. "What are you doing in here?!" she demanded, straightening her skirt and placing the book on the table. "This. is. not. your. common. room. See look, blue. No red. Blue." she continued rambling like this for some bit.

Fred watched Liz intently and chuckled mischievously when the rest of her friends retired to their dormatories. He waited patiently, until her abrupt discovery of him. As she fell to the floor he attempted to stare her down and look convincingly confused that he'd ended up here, failing and causing him to roll over in a fit of laughter, punching the ground with his fist. Fred reached over and mussed up her hair, stading up quickly and straightening out his robes. "Umm. That'd be maroon, dear. And I'd call this more of a navy..." Fred fingered the dark curtains as he walked around the length of the common room. It gave off an air of cleanliness and appeared to be very organized - more so than the mess of the Gryffindor commons.

Liz flattened her hair "Off the locks, love. I spend hours getting them to look just so." she rolled her eyes and watched him roam the room warily "Maroon's in the red spectrum, innit? What are you doing here? You'll lose Gryffindor more points th- in that case, stay away." she smirked, and patted the chair.

"Maroon is it's own color, love. Do not make the mistake again." Fred stuck out his tongue before marching over to her and collapsing in the large armchair. Fred opened his mouth and narrowed his eyes satisfiedly and leaned back, a quavering sigh escaping. "This is ... amazing." He turned quickly and meticulously examined the blue velvet. 'Did one of you eggheads charm this or something? I want one for Gryffindor!" He exclaimed, sinking back into it and smiling.

Liz rolled her eyes "Oh lord Freddie dearest, look at what dating a man has done to you." she joshed, sitting on the arm "And no, our house just has taste. Not that I've seen your commons."

"Excuse me but I'm in my comfort zone. And dating a man has done nothing but render me dazed and confused." Fred opened one eye and glanced at his friend, smirking. "Oh but you should come and visit sometime! Not that I'm allowed to be here." He suddenly sprang up and made for the window, poking his head out and examining the view. "You can see the lake from here!" He stated rather loudly, running around some more. he knew he wasn't allowed to be in there - and that's what made it envigorating.

"Yes, the lake is gorgeous." she said offhandedly, inwardly debating the easiest way to get him out of here. Lightbulb. click. "Why don't you show me your common room now? Come on, nothing exciting here and I love, I mean maroon!"

Fred was just eyeing an inticate looking design on a lamp when she voice dher suggestion. he turned slowly, for a moment not recognizing her motives and frowning, shaking his head. "No, Gryffindors have a habit of being nightowls - especially the prefects." He bit his lip. "You don't want to cross pats with a Gryffindor prefect, especially this one girl my brother is frie--" he paused, noting the hopeful look in her eye. "Hey, wait a tick. You're just trying to be rid of me." He smirked slightly and plopped down onto the floor. "Nice try. it'll take more than that."

"Oh no. It's just I'm so er...restless and want to explore the unseen lands within these hallowed halls and all that jazz." Liz countered, unconvincingly. Plan two: operation alpha-delta-epsilon 'rid ketchup stain in library' "And Im hungry! Let's go get something to eat!" she squeeled, dragging him towards the door.

Fred rolled his eyes, giggling madly at her desperate attempt to get him out of there. He allowed her to drag him towards the exit, giving off the impression that he was succumbing to her will. At the painting however, he writhed sneakily out of her grip and ran towards the far end of the common room, retreiving a pillow for the couch and pretending to hide in a corner. "You can't make me."

Liz huffed "Have you been sniffing the plants in greenhouse 4 again?" Liz demanded, running up to him. "You. are.incorrigable." she mumbled through gritted teeth, taking a dive in an attempt to pin him down which only resulted in a mouthful of carpet "bugger" she said, what came out was 'brghghhr' thanks to the copious amount of flooring in her mouth

"Oh yes, how'd you tell?" Fred looked at his own hands as if they were some foreign and magnificent items, not attactched to his own body. When she fell over he laughed and kicked his feet gleefully, biting the pillow in his lap to keep from barking outloud, before throwing it on top of her head and sprinting away. he concealed himself behind one of the dark curtains, immediately shocked by how dark it was behind them.

Liz pulled the pillow off her head and stood up. "Fred! Your feet are sticking out from behind the curtain! I am not playing your childish games." she sounded like an aggravated babysitter trying to control an overactive three year old. Liz wrenched the curtains back and grabbed Fred. "You. Out!" she growled, still smiling.

Fred tried not to laugh, covering his mouth, when she discovered him behind the curtain. He let out a cry of mock-shock and sank to the ground in a very realisitic faint. There he lie for a few moments, before smirking mischieviously and grabbing her robes, pulling her to the ground at his side. He dramatically clutched at her collar with both fists and coughed, "Liz ... I'm not going to make it. Go on ... without me." He reached up and touched her cheek affectionately, putting on quite a good show, before falling backwards, his eyes closing and tounge hanging out - hitting the floor with one final grunt.

Liz tried not to laugh, knowing her attempts were futile before smacking him. "Fred, you always die at the worst moments." she chided, trying to heave his dead weight "Couldn't you have done me the favor of dying closer to the door?" Liz gave up with a laugh and held her hands menacingly over his chest. Then she pounced, hoping he was ticklish.

Fred held his laughter in, as she shook him, his head lolling to and fro. However, his eyes were still closed when she attacked - and he was indeed ticklish. Fred let out a shreik of laughter and rolled onto his stomach quickly, glaring at her, all composure lost. "Don't .... don't do that." He breathed shakily, the traces of a chuckle still in his throat.

Liz covered her mouth with her hands in mock shock "I-I thoguht you were dead! Oh it's a miracle! A miracle!" she raised her hands to the ceiling and fell to the ground in a fit of giggles. Reaching over, she tickled him once more, amused at how ticklish he really was "Awww..." Liz regained her composure and kneeled next to him "Oh no Fred." she suddenyl sounded, ery worried and looked towards the doorway.

"Yes, I defied death! Now we can have eternal life together!" Fred still lay on the floor, shaking his fists toward the heavens, before he felt her hands ticking his stomach again. Bursting into laughter once more, he rolled over and wiped his eyes, where tears have now begun to form. He looked at her seriously, his hands shaking, noticing how she eyed the door warily. "You .. have to stop." He laughed nervously. He was very weak to tickling. "Fine. You win, okay? I'll go." He grinned and shook his head, standing up and throwing his hands in the air.

Liz smirked, she ahdn't heard anything but it had gotten him out of here didn't it. "Wonderful, I want a monument...or cookies. Mmmm cookies." she flashed him a huge grin and standing up, led him to the door. "Now though, I must bid you adieu."

Fred sneered at her and turned away quickly, giving her an attitute of very obviously feigned anger. He walked toward the portrait hole, very satisfied with himself - and eager to tell George of his discoveries in the Ravenclaw commons. "Tickle me again and cookies will be the last thing I'll give you." He pointed his finger straight at her, inbetween her eyes before his face cracked into a genuine grin, and he took her hand, kissing it as he bowed. "Goodnight, my fair lady."

Liz curtsied, her motuh pursed as she tried to hold in a laugh. "Arrivederci!" she proclaimed dramatically as he left the room. Liz stuck her head out the door, waving goodbye "I like oatmeal the best!" she smirked and slammed the door door dramtically, before heading upstairs to bed.
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