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Chandler Warrington

Who: Chandler Warrington and Adrian Pucey
What: Talking after practice.

Chandler stepped out of the shower nearly an hour after practice had ended, and peeked around the stone wall to ensure that the rest of his team had indeed vacated the locker room. He knew it was to be before he checked, however, as he always waited until it was empty enough before starting his shower, in attempt to gain some privacy. For he wouldn't dare step back into his robes with the dirt from the feild still fresh on his skin. Chandler dressed quickly, not bothering to fix his hair quite yet - which lay askew, several strands sticking straight up. When he was completely dressed he stepped into the main area of the lockers and found a mirror where he began to adjust his collar and fold away his Quidditch robes.

Not one minute later, Adrian came walking out of a seperate shower as well. Most of the time, he was long gone by now, but today he had a lot on his mind. He didn't even notice that Chandler was still there, and that he was in the process of getting dressed. Off in his own world, he dropped his towel and began to climb into his own clothes,

Chandler had all of his clothes neatly tucked into the confines of his duffel bag, which he slipped into the locker that belonged to him. He muttered a few charms, to make sure it was locked well enough and nobody - specifically members of a certain other house team would be able to tamper with it. He sighed satisfiedly and returned to his reflection, giving a gasp and a slight jump when he saw another face staring back at him. Chandler turned around quickly, and instantly realized it was a teammate. Relaxing a little, he tried to regain composure by stiking up conversation. "Here late, aren't we Pucey?" He smirked, before recalling the state of his hair and reaching up to pat it down viloently.

Adrian blinked, then relized that he'd been stairing, even if he hadn't ment to. Shaking his head a bit to clear his mind, he mumbled a short "Yes." as he pulled on his shirt. He ran a hand quickly through his hair, putting it into it's natural messy state, and glanced around a bit. "A lot on my mind, I suppose." Adrian stated.

Chandler eyed the boy strutinizingly as he mussed his hair, wondering if perhaps he should inform him how unkempt it looked. He decided against it and turned back to the mirror, fixing what was left to be tended to of his robes. "Well you know what they say. It's better to get it off your mind." Chandler stated simply and turned back to Adrian. "So I'd suggest talking to a mentor before your state interferes with something such as schoolwork or Quidditch." He knew he was being upfront, but couldn't help but be truthful. "Or worse - your sanity."

"Oh and that'll work," Adrian started with an eyeroll, "because I just trust oh-so-many people in this school." His voice was bland and sarcastic, it was obvious that he trusted very, very few people. Turning his head, he locked his eyes on Chandler.

Chandler quirked a brow as the blue-grey eyes stared his own down. They were almost menacing, and he didn't enjoy being spoken down to. Chandler closed his eyes and turned away in a huff, beginning to tie his shoes. "Well, it was only a suggestion. I doubt you want to fail school, exactly." He turned to look back at his teammate momentarily. "And you know how Montague is. He won't think twice before blaming you, and I can't promise I won't share a portion of that belief. Afterall a team works together." Chandler began work on his other shoe, muttering, "Just trying to warn you. I saw how he made a spectacle of breaking your broom."

Adrian looked away, down to his shoes that were just sitting on the ground, waiting to be placed on his feet. "I care less and less about all of this." He stated softly, and though he was lying (to an extent at least) it sounded very believable. "He needs to mind his own damn business, get his nose away from mine."

Chandler furrowed his brow. Could this boy be that inconsiderate? It was impossible - the team depended on more than the captain to win a game. And schoolwork? Well, he'd best not comment on that. Not everyone was capable of making the grades he did, and he knew it. "Well you know, he is captain." Chandler straightened up quickly, placing his hands on his hips. "I'm not saying it was fair to break your broom but it's his position to keep players in line." He shook his head, inching towards the exit slightly. "And what is so wrong that important duties seem to elude you lately?" He almost spat, his curiosity - as always - taking over.

Adrian was frusterated to the point where he was no longer thinking before he spoke. He turned his head once more to glare at the other boy. "You mean aside from the fact that my boyfriend is probably wanting to keep our relationship a secret because we're both the same gender and he's ashamed of me? Oh. Nothing really." He spat.

Chandler stood completely still, the dumb and questioning look still plastered on his face. He hadn't expected a response anything similar to what he received. To each their own, he supposed, though it was a shocker. He'd never pictured Adrian Pucey as the type. "Is this a fact or the product of a delusion?" He said cooly, walking back towards his teammate and having a seat on the bench. "Who is this boyfriend?"

Adrian blinked. Shit. He'd really said that. Honestly, he'd ment to keep it in his head. And if Fred found out that he'd blabbed, his boyfriend probably would not be happy in the slightest. "I suspect that's why he's so desperate not to tell anyone. Cept his brother that is." Adrian sat on the bench and put his face in his hands, obviously flustered by the whole thing. "You'd probably freak if you found out who it is, honestly." Adrian said, not wanting anyone to freak out about it before Fred was ready.

Chandler rolled his eyes. Though he couldn't help feeling slightly sympathetic, he had little experience with the idea of romance. Afterall, he'd never actually felt a higher feeling than disgust towards the girl he was supposed to fancy - Edaline, and never held love important enough to look for. "Assuming isn't always the brightest idea." He said, studying his own tie. "You don't know what he's thinking unless he's vocalized it. Unless hiding it is getting tiring, however - it's no one elses' business. I find too many students like to make their peers' business their own." He shook his head, as if he didn't stick his nose where it didn't belon g more than often. "Don't be rediculous. Do you really envision me caring let alone gossiping about it?"

"It is getting tiring." Adrian stated, sliding his feet into his shoes at last. He sighed. "And what with Fred being a different year and different house and all, it's not like I get to see him often. Having to sneak around makes it even harder." Adrian was getting to the point where he really didn't care what he was saying, and therefor didn't care when he said 'Fred.'

"Ahh ..." Chandler bit lis lip, starting to wonder how he'd gotten himself into this conversation in the first place, and contemplating how to handle the fact that this boy seemed to be venting to him. "Well then explain that to him. But before you throw a party together be aware that not everyone at Hogwarts may be as thrilled as the two of you are." He hadn't meant for it to come out as advice, but he really didn't want the whole school buzzing about it, nor Adrian's pathetic state to keep up. "But keep in mind that may be what your beau is thinking and stop envisioning the worst before your grades and our house points are down the loo." Chandler stood and gazed down at Adrian, before something in his mind clicked. "Wait, Fred? As in Weasley?"

Again, Adrian rolled his eyes as he draped his tie around his neck, not bothering to tie it. "I know that most people won't like it, but really now, I don't care. Sneaking around is tiresome. Plus, I don't give a shit about what the vast majority of the nitwits here think or say about me. I never have." Standing, he slid on his robes, his tie still hanging loose. "And yes. Weasley. There. You know now. And if the entire house knows about it soon, I'll know who to blame."

Chandler found himself grinning as Adrian gave his speech. It seems there was something to be admired about his fellow Slytherin - his indifference to his peers. "Well I can't say I'd feel any different than you, as personal as it is. I tend to care not about the opinions of others. But I guess when one is involved with another, their significant other's matters to an extent." Chandler straightened his own tie upon noticing Adrian's dissheveled one. "Why would I have any reason to tell anyone?" He inquired seriously. "Date all the Weasleys you want."

"Well then," He stated, sliding a hand thought his messy hair once more. "Good to know that there's at least one other person in this school that doesn't care only about gossip. Congradulations, I supose." Sighing, he looked around to see if he'd left anything behind. Not noticing anything, he turned towards the exit. "I'm heading out now."

"I'm curious by nature, but people should honestly learn to decipher what should remain private and what public. And from there be more careful about the ears it manages to reach." Chandler nodded, mimicking his teammates action by allowing his own hand to busy itself patting down his own hair once more, as he gathered his school bag. "Right. I'll be going soon as well." he shifted a bit, before lifting his head and stating. "Good luck then."

Nodding, Adrian turned and headed out of the loccer room, that having taken far longer than he thought it would. Longer than he expected, at any rate. Soon, his mind was back on Fred and their problem as he walked up towards the castle.
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