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Elizabeth Moon

Who: Daphne Greengrass and Liz Moon
What: inter-house unity, my foot.

Liz walked down the empty corridor, blowing a whisp of hair out of her eyes as she multitasked, a talent she had acquired at school. Munching idly on the blueberry muffin, she scanned the large book in front of her, nothing for school (although she should be doing homework) but instead a fiction novel she had borrowed from the library. Blow, chew, read, blow, chew, read...it became a ticking measure as she continued her way to the dormitory.

Daphne sauntered up the steps from the dungeons as she headed towards the Library, hoping to accomplish at least a fraction of her work. Swinging her chocolate locks over her shoulder, she opened up her Herbology textbook, the top volume in the large stack that she was carrying, and began to read over the first few pages in hopes of making her assignment clearer. She hadn't payed attention to those classes, or any Herbology classes for that matter, seeing as she despised the subject. As she turned the corner leading to her destination, she looked up momentarily, spotting an all too familiar face at the end of the hall. Grabbing her pile of books tightly, she continued reading as if she had never seen Liz Moon, and headed down the corridor....straight into her with as much force as she could muster while still looking casual and unassuming. She stepped back a bit to make the 'accident' appear more realistic, smirking to herself inwardly. "Nice job, Mudblood," she said scathingly with a bitter smile.

Liz's dinner was knocked out of her hands with Daphne's collision and she sneered "my muffin!" returning her gaze from the useless food to the -it had to be- Slytherin's face, Liz snapped her book shut and glared at her "oh please, don't act like it's my fault you pompous whore. You bumped into </i>me</i>."

"Pompous whore, eh? Last time I checked, that was your position. Well, maybe not pompous, since you've obviously nothing to be pompous about..." Daphne drawled, her voice trailing off as she eyed the girl with disdain. "...and you were paying just as much attention as I was," she added, sticking her nose in the air, "so you've no way of knowing whom ran into whom, now do you?"
Liz crossed her arms in annoyance, who did this girl think she was? "you. destroyed. my. muffin." she growled, obviously pissed that she wasn't going to be eating the delectably fruity, yet oddly filling treat tonight. A sudden thought snapped Liz's attention from the wounded pastry to Daphne's slender face 'like a vampire...' she thought before demanding "You called me a whore?!"

Daphne smirked, letting her hands rest lightly on her hips, the tips of her fingers gently grazing the wand in her pocket. "So sorry about that, dear, but perhaps you should be thanking me instead of yelling. After all," she eyed Liz up and down, "Some, well most, would say I'm doing you a bit of a favour. Letting your figure go during the school year, are you? Well, with all the work..." she shrugged, grinning even wider, "...and if one is curse with a ... 'stout' build such as yourself, it makes it all the more harder, doesn't it? I understand completely," Daphne nodded, eyes wide an innocent as she feigned sympathy. Shrugging again, she added, "Do unto others, Ms. Moon. Besides, I'm only basing my opinions on what I heard..." her voice trailed off, and she brushed her hair back haughtily.

Liz rolled her eyes at that comment, she may not be bone thin like Daphne, but she knew that she was anything but fat. "There's no need to be jealous, Daph. Don't make me the scapegoat for your own insecurities." merlin, this girl was a pain. She smirked, "oh dear. You heard about my little rendez-vous with professor binns. Let me tell you...I may not be a necropheliac, but he knows how to work that misty arse of his." Liz mimed a slap, and rolled her eyes. "Please, Greengrass. Spare me the small talk and go about your business before someone has to suffer for it, other than my muffin that is." Liz eyed it mournfully "The blueberries making your stomach retch? I'm sorry, but not all of us live on a diet of insects and human entrails. We save that for your sort."

Daphne swung her head back and laughed genuinely and loudly. "Less than pleasing to the eye, you may be, Moon, but I must hand it to you...you've quite a sense of humour. If I'm supposed to be jealous of a homely Mudblood with no friends, then I'm quite sure I'm simply seething with jealousy over you." She crossed her arms over her chest, raising an eyebrow. "My sort? Meaning those who actually have a life and don't need to validate themselves by snogging people?" she asked sweetly.

"Well, at least I can snog someone without stealing their belongings, eh?" she asked with a glint in her eyes. Merlin, gossip spread like wildfire in this school.

Daphne found herself faltering slightly. 'How had SHE found out? Well... she is a Ravenclaw... Perhaps it was possible,' She recovered quickly, her gaze turning stony and indifferent once again. "Please, Moon, don't talk of things you know nothing about," she said in the most condescending tone she could muster. After all, the girl really didn't know. Did she?

"I'm only basing my opinions on what I heard..." Liz mocked, straining her voice to a higher pitch and sticking her nose dramatically into the air. It was just a rumor one of the sixth years had told her about, but then again... "Oh, notice how the ickle slytherin doesn't deny it. Tell me, does it hurt to be rejected?"

Daphne quirked her eyebrow, feeling boiling rage growing inside of her. She was never rejected in her entire life, nor would she start now. Gaining control of her tongue, she closed the space between Liz and herself, looking at her coolly. "First and foremost, I wouldn't know if it hurts, because I haven't experienced it. Perhaps you should be asking yourself that question. You're not the only one who... " she paused, her lip curling into a sneer, "hears things."

"No, you wouldn't hear such things. All the boys you go for are too cowardly to back away from you, fearing for their very souls...or at elast reputation." Liz backed away from the taller girl, she was far too close. "I'm glad your ears are in working order then." she snapped, not caring to find out what Daphne had heard, especially since it were most likely true.

"Fear is a great tool, dear. But I can't say I use it in those situations involving members of the opposite sex. However, I can't say the same for you. They might be too afraid for their reputation to get involved with the likes of you, or perhaps they just don't enjoy getting punched, hm?" Daphne said scathingly, standing up straighter. "Oh yes, they're in fine working order. In fact, they're working so well that they heard how you had the audacity to kiss a Slytherin while he was incapacitated in the Hospital Wing. Honestly, anyone care for a nice helping of desperation? Then a Hufflepuff? Really, do you have ANY self respect?" She looked Liz up and down, shaking her head and giggling, "No, no you don't. And rightfully so."

"Punch them?" Liz laughed "I assure you, I have no attractions to Pansy." Liz became aggitated at her next words though "Alright, I kissed Blaise...didn't work out. Big deal, he's a better friend anyway." a frowned crossed her face "And Aden was just a bit of fun." she admitted, looking directly at the Slytherin. "May I ask why you have a problem with me?" she asked seethingly, jsut realising that the two had enver conversed, and yet they were fighting like lifelong enemies.

Daphne knew perfectly well why she disliked the girl. "I didn't think you were that dense, Moon," she drawled before shrugging indifferently, "I don't like you. Not only did you injur my friend, someone, who I might add, is superior to yourself, you're a Mudblood. And now that I've conversed with you, I've found you're quite irritating." She smiled smugly.

'Ow, that stung' said inner-Liz, outer-Liz merely rolled her eyes in annoyance "Well then, I don't see why we're still talking. I have homework, and I'm sure you have another innocent boy to corrupt." she said slowly, as if talking to a four year old "Nice talking to you...well not really, but even someone as filthy as myself knows what manners are. You must have lost them during the lobotomy." Liz smirked, and picked up the muffin, planning to throw it out as soon as she got back to the commons. "Go drag your slimy self to the bowels of this school where you belong. Toodles." Liz added sweetly, continuing her way down the hall.

Daphne snorted. "Yes, innocent boy. He's as innocent as you are...well, anything good." Chuckling sarcastically, she said, "You have fun with that muffin now, but remember to take it easy darling. With your...er....less than flattering figure, the gods only know what a muffin could do. Perhaps you should throw that out and snog a boy instead. Validation minus the fat, hm?" With that, Daphne spun on her heels and turned the corner, sauntering to her previous destination.
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