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Ginevra "Ginny" Weasley

Who: George + Ginny
What: Talk of relationships and schoolwork :D

Ginny sat in her usual spot in the Common Room, the oversized-couch facing the fire. The temperature in the room was just perfect; it never got too hot or too cold. Groaning softly she shifted the weight of the large book on her lap, entitled "Witches and Warlocks in the 18th Century". Her eyes skimmed the page, but she wasn't really reading it. Somehow, Ginny just wasn't quite in the mood for homework.

Hearing a familiar voice behind her, she smiled slightly and turned to see who was behind her, but she couldn't see anything through her thick red hair that had gotten in her line of sight.

George entered the common room, exhausted and hungry. He'd spent the night helping Sadie out once again, and was forced to leave when it got too late. He was comforted by the fact that her bones had healed and she'd be getting out, but still felt obliged to be there with every free minute he had. George suddenly became aware of the weight on his shoulder and groaned when he realized he still had homework to complete. Walking towards the fir, he spotted his little sister and looked down to examine what she was doing. "Studious are we? Mind doing an extra load?" He grinned, quirking a brow and shoving his books in her direction.

"Fred?" Ginny asked through her hair. Shoving it properly out of her face she added, "George, sorry. Oh and of course, why wouldn't I want to do your homework?" She grinned as she scooted over on the couch, making room for him. "I don't understand why all of the Professors have decided to load up on homework." Ginny sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

"You'd better be." George replied with a smile, throwing his bag on the floor. Homework could wait until tomorrow morning at breakfast, as usual. "Oh you know, you have to start preparing for the O.W.L.s in fifth year which will prepare you for sixth year where you start preparing for N.E.W.Ts in 7th which prepare you for the world." George counted these off on his fingers, shaking his head a bit with confusion. "That's all school is is preperation. Lucky Fred and I aren't worried about N.E.W.T.s" He reached down and took a Chocolate Frog out of his bag, looking away and taking a bite.

Ginny felt her stomach plunge, realizing that she had O.W.L.s relatively soon. Leading up to now, O.W.L.s had seemed so far away. "George, don't remind me!" she scolded playfully, hitting him lightly on the arm. "Here you can do my homework, I know how you just love warlocks." Grinning like crazy, with one huge heave Ginny tossed the large book onto his lap.

George groaned once more as the book hit his lap, and pushed it off onto the floor with a look of disgust - as if it had a putrid smell. "Sorry sis, there are jsut some things you can't depend on your brothers for." He still stared at the book as if it were going to jump back up and bite him. He hated History of Magic in general - let alone 4th year. "Well here's some good news." He turned to face his sister. "Fred and I mad eenough to pay for our shop -" He paused with a frown. "Well the first month that is. But how hard can it be after that? All we need is new ideas." He leaned back, shoving the rest of the Frog into his mouth and proceeding to lick each finger.

Ginny through a look in George's direction and immediately leaned over to pick up the book off of the ground. "George! That book is from the library! You'll have Madame Pince to answer to, you will! And just think...what would Hermione say?" She gave him another disapproving look as she tucked a stray piece of flaming red hair behind her ear. "Well, the first month? That's good! You'll just need to sell some of your products to make more money..."

"That old hag isn't gonna do anything to me." george laughed as Ginny retreived the book. looked away, eyes downcast when she mentioned the shop. "Yeah ... it's making the products that's the problem." He sighed, "I haven't had much time to do anything as of late except visit Sadie in the hospital wing. Have you heard? Fred went and broke her leg." He knew the accident was in no way Fred's fault, though he enjoyed teasing him about it very much.

"The products - he WHAT?!" Ginny abruptly switched subjects at the mention of Sadie's broken leg. " in your Sadie?" Her eyes widened, imagining Fred knocking her down the stairs. "I bet that was horrible," she added, wincing a bit.

"He ..." George burst into laughter and was unable to finish his thought as he clutched at his side. " He didn't really push her." He gasped through fits of laughter. "Unless you want to believe that one of your siblings is a malicious killer." He wiped tears from his eyes and looked back at Ginny. "She jsut fell while she was with him. He thinks it's his fault though - because he wasn't born with supernatural abilities or something." George shrugged.

"A malicious killer?" Ginny asked increduously, glaring at George as he laughed. "What has gotten into you? If Fred heard you right now..." She broke out into a grin. "You don't think it was his fault? Fred, with supernatural abilities? I think not." Ginny laughed, thinking of Fred.

"You know him, he worries about everything." George chuckled. Nevermind the fact that he could have just as well been speaking about himself. They both tended to wrry quite a bit about miniscule things. "Anyway - what I want to know is how are things with this Corner kid?" He dropped his voice an octave before continuing in a secretive manner. "Do I have to kill him yet?"

"It must be in our Weasley nature - Mum and Ron both worry way too much," Ginny replied, laughing. Through her laughter she added, "What do you mean Corner?" in what she thought was a convincing tone. "What are you talking about?"

George rolled his eyes and gave Ginny a playful shove. "What am I talking about?" he shook his head, suddenly becoming very interested in his fingernails. "What's this guy like, anyway? What do you see in him?"

Ginny slid down on the couch, staring into the fire and trying to avoid meeting George's eyes. "Well...I guess he's alright really," she offered, wondering what in the world he wanted to know about him. "Do you know him?"

"Alright?" George stood up wuickly, looking down at Ginny and shaking his head. "He should be more than alright if you two are goin g together!" George huffed. He'd always been protective of Ginny - though maybe not as much as Ron. "Well ... not too much. I've seen hima round." George scratched the back of his head.

Ginny winced, expecting this sort of protectiveness from her brothers. It was Ron though, that she worried about the most. "He's a good guy..." she tried again. "I'm sure you know who he is." She smiled, thinking of Michael. He was a lot of things - but she couldn't very well explain that to her brother. "You'd like him."

George let this sink in for a minute. As long as Ginny liked him, it was good enough for him. Sometimes he felt that other than Fred she was the only sibling who actually understood him. George smiled faintly and nodded. "Yeah, if you say so. I'll still have to meet him myself though." He walked over to Ginyn and ruffled her hair a bit. "I've got to get going. Good luck with those warlocks..." George grimaced, eying her books.

Ginny smiled up at him. "You're one of my favorite brothers," she added with a wink. "Just don't tell the rest of them that." Shaking her red hair out of her face again, she let out a laugh. "I'll bring him around - you'll get to meet him, I promise."

George covered his mouth in mock-surprise. "For shame! Only mu is allowed to have favorites - and we all know it's me." He winked, smirking at Ginny. George gave her one last wave before bounding up the stairs to the Boy's Dormatory in search of Fred.
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